Shoot...another website to get hooked on

I didn’t mean to stray, really.

It was innocent…something my SIL mentioned in passing.

I must confess.

I’ve been visiting and playing games.

I’ve played Trivia games and Word Scramble games.

Quick little games, but next think I know, lunch hour is over and I’ve only posted to SDMB a couple of times.

You won’t trap me, damn you.

…must resist link… must <uh!> resist…

ivy, don’t you have any websites that my company’s “games” blocker WON’T filter? :frowning:

Sorry, Max…but you are supposed to be working, you know. :wink:

Ah, Pogo. That damn Word Whomp has kept me awake until 3 a.m. on more than one occasion.

Even after I sign off and go to bed, I’m unscrambling letters and whacking moles in my head.


I was able to get all the words once.

It’s hard!

Oh, and they had “knifes” has a valid word once. Huh.

Popcap dot com…
the bastards …
have killed many an evening, afternoon, work time for me!

Alchemy got me pretty well … but now it’s Rocket Mania
and worse still… my record is 450,000 … but my brother’s nephew just hit 988,000 … so, now I not only have the game to hook me … but competitive streak is triggered … sigh brat kid!

Oh and they have some stoopid pirate game that just keeps teasing me into thinking I have it figured out …

Don’t go there, I tell you, just Don’t Do It…
I’ve warned you …

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Oh dear god, Pogo. Word Whomp. Sweet Tooth. Buckaroo Blackjack. And more.

And I’m entered to win a Pogo beach towel! Sends shivers down my spine, I tell ya!

He’s got some catching up to do. According to posted scores, among dopers I have the second highest-score ever, at 2.8 mil (someone in Biggirl’s thread got 5.4 mil).

WOW… some work to do, to be sure…
the 13 year-old "nephew-in-law just blasted past 1,100,000
Me… I’ve got some work to do…

the best game evereverever was a multiplayer one where you get given a set of words, and you’ve got to make a sentence out of them. then everyone votes for who’s sentence was the best.

Think verb, not noun: to knife = to stab.
I knife, you knife, it knifes,…

As in: “That new kayak knifes through the rough water like a dream.”

Hope that helps solve a mystery! :slight_smile:

Ah…thanks for the insight, wireless.