Let's play Scrabble(TM)!

I know I’m not the only Scrabulous addict here – where do y’all hang out? I usually go to the second Easy Robot Room, where I play as twickster. Come challenge me to a game!

Okay, not that this will make you want to play me – but I just had the best game of my entire freakin’ life. I opened with CRY – whatever. My second move: MEETING (bingo). My third move: RESTORE (bingo, triple word score). Neither of those was a clear winner for best move of the game: I got GAUZE on another triple word score – with the Z on double letter, for 75 points.

Final score: 492-218, and God bless my opponent for not just quitting on me. What a good sport!

This is one of those things were 'Dopers lure me into something and beat the snot out of me, isn’t it?

You say that like it’s a bad thing …

A google search on Easy Robot Room didn’t bring up the expected result…

I went there huntin for ya ,but you weren’t there.I’ll track ya down later.

Twick, you here?

can’t get back in the site.

You’re showing as signed in …

Grrrr…tellin me i need to enable ports 24000-24100

Ah, server lag. It’s a problem there. I’ll head over to Easy 1 and see if we can meet up there.

Ain’t letting me in anywhere,says my previous log in was not timed out.
Shoot…I really wanted to play.

What happens if you just totally close that window?

It let me in the rack shack

FTR: MadTheSwine just beat me three games in a row – if you’re wondering what Doper will beat the snot out of you, 'tain’t me!

Well, FTR,I wasn’t the one that said"beat the snot out of me".

You guys don’t fool me. Just like those two marble shooters at school pretended to play with each other badly. “Hey Plant, want to play for lunch money?” :slight_smile:

Well, yeah – but everyone knows I’m Little Miss Word Puzzle – *you’re * the freakin’ ringer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read the title of this thread as

*Let’s play Scrabble (TMI) *

and was wondering what on earth kind of ruleset they were playing with :eek:

So is there a link to this game?