Has anyone here actually seen "Ewoks: Battle for Endor"?

This movie is labled an exploitation flick on the IMDB. I remember seeing in video at my neighborhood store when I was a kid. I thought even then it must’ve been a career low for Wilford Brimley, but since we didn’t have a VCR I couldn’t watch it and find out.

So, has anbody on the SDMB actually seent his movie? Is it good? Bad? Strictly for kids? How are the production values? Was Geore Lucas involved in any way with the making of it?

If you really liked the Ewoks in ROTJ, then you’ll like it. Think of ROTJ without Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, Jabba, or anything else but… Ewoks. Oh, but you do get Wilford Brimley and a cute kid to make up for the lack of all those familiar characters.

I remember it looking like a better than average budgeted TV scifi movie for the time. It was aimed at kids (who else wanted more Ewoks?) but seems too dark at the beginning for really young Star Wars fans since the little girl’s parents and older brother are all killed early in the film. I was surprised even then that what was supposed to be a kids TV movie airing on a major network would kill a child (pre-teen, IIRC) as part of the story. That just seemed way too traumatic for the inteded audience.

I rather enjoyed that film as a child. I was too young to really get into Star Wars, so the Ewoks film did it for me.

I was also a huge fan of the Ewoks cartoon once upon a time.

I liked the movie, admittedly I was still in the single digits when I first watched but I think thats the point of it. This movie is made for kids, not adults.

yeah, I’ve seen it…I am not proud of this fact. I have also seen The Ewok Adventure or whatever the hell the other one is called. take pity on me. I watched them (voluntarily mind you, in a clear state of mind, at age 18) back to back immediately after watching Willow. I do not know what I was thinking. No, I didn’t watch them with my girlfriends little brother to impress her or any nonsense like that…5 or 6 of my friends were hanging out doing nothing, found them, and on they went. What a waste of a day

I just realized my previous post doesn’t answer anything from the OP, so here goes:
[li]It’s bad[/li][li]It’s aimed at really little kids, and maybe some stoner SW fans might like it[/li][li]I remember really bad blue screen effects and lots of Ewoks[/li][li]It’s a LucasFilm production, but beyond that I have no idea about George’s involvement[/li][/ul]
The three films kind of blended together in my mind (probably some survival trait), but they’re all pretty much the same. Actually, I think Willow and the first of the two Ewok films are tied for 1st, and the 2nd Ewok movie is a distant third.

I saw it as a kid, and liked it as a kid, but haven’t seen it since they stopped showing it on TV every so often. I doubt it has aged well.

I saw it years ago back in the late 80’s, still have it on tape but it’s wearing very badly now. I showed my friend a couple months ago (he’s almost 20) since he had never seen it. He thought it was terrible. I still find it an amusing flick. Teek in one character that should have been in ROTJ. I think it’s it an alright movie for a spin-off.

i’ve seen it and Ewok Adventure. Both are better than Phantom Menace and the Holiday Special. At least we don’t have a song by Princess Leia wacked out on goofballs.

Hey, the Ewoks rule. It’s entertaining, without being ohmygawd bad.

The villain is a Nightsister, for those of you who read the EU.

Also, I saw this AND Caravan of Courage when I was little. I wouldn’t watch the original movies, because Darth Vader scared the begeezus out of me.

I’d definitely vouch for the movies being enjoyable, that is, if you like ewoks. However, the videos are becoming a bit more difficult to find now (unless you want a worn-out ex-rental copy!). The odds of a dvd ever being released of either movie (or a two-pack!) is slim to none. Oh well, keep an eye out at the video store…

I remember someone being trapped underwater by mysterious glass…

But I don’t need to remember any more.

They were both Executive Produced and co-written by George Lucas (i.e. he hung around a bit at some meetings and occasionally said NO to things that were non-Star Wars).

I wanted to make a fan-film about an Adult Cindel Towani, where she’s now an enviromentalist/white witch kind of cool funky earth-child sort, a human/alien negotiator. It’d be neat.

My old roomate actually owned it, so I saw it about two years ago. Not quite as entertaining as when I was a kid, but still, not THAT terrible (well, that all depends on what type of movie you subject yourself to on a regular basis…I have seen worse. MUCH worse). I liked the first one better, but upon watching the sequel, I was also taken aback at the way the little girl’s family is slaughtered in the beginning. He older brother was actually around 17, not pre-teen, but watching him drag his wounded and bleeding mother into a hut, only to watch it explode and their little life meters on the little girl’s wrist band go out was pretty cool. Somehow, I guess my brain just filtered that out as a kid.
Anyway, the first movie is all about this family that gets trapped on Endor, and the kids befriend the Ewoks in order to save the parents from some giant ape looking moster. The sequel has the Ewok village being attacked by a bunch of reptilian people, and the majority of the villiage gets kidnaped. Wicked and the little girl (Syndal [sp?]) escape, meet up with a grissled old man, and go and rescue everyone. The bad guys have some witch helping them, all for some power converter thingy they ripped from the family’s busted up space ship.
Really fun for kids, tolerable for adults, great fun for college students with copious amounts of liquor on hand. If you get the chance, make an evening of it, but don’t expect anything terribly fantastic (and I agree with Tars Tarkas, it was better than Episode 1)

Haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but I enjoyed it immensely back then. I believe my parents still have the tape, so I might actually sneak up to their house and watch it.

I saw at least part of it, ages ago, but all I remember was the bracelets with the life-meters and the trapped-in-the-pond part.

It’s Cindel and Wicket. NOT Wicked.


Of course, Lt. Kettch is the ultimate Ewok.