Has anyone here ever seen someone in public and.......

…spent every minute of the rest of the day talking about them?

:rolleyes: :confused:

I’m mentioning this because there are a lot of people who are hesitant to go out in public, or take their kids out, because they believe people will do this.


I have never personally done this.

I have also never seen a crowd of people following a woman around the grocery store while she shopped, laughing at her, and I worked in a grocery store for 3 years, and 4 years at Target.


Uhhh…I’ve never known anyone who has ever described feeling like this, or doing/not doing what you describe (both the seeing someone and talking about them part, and the not going out because their afraid of the former.)

Honestly, if someone seriously thinks that going outside is going to cause people to talk about them for the rest of the day, or what have you…or think a crowd of people follow them around at the grocery store laughing at them, that’s a sign of mental illness.

Could be something like agoraphobia, or even possibly schizophrenia. But I’m not any kind of mental-health expert, so take that with grains of salt, but seriously…that’s not normal thinking.

It seems to be almost universal among mothers of children on the autistic spectrum. Contrary to their experience, I have also NEVER seen a crowd of people around a mother with a child of any age having a meltdown, telling her that she needs to beat him into submission. Usually, people move away when they see this, in my experience.

Maybe I lead a really sheltered life, but I rarely see really horribly behaved kids in public, whether something’s “wrong” with them or not, and when I do, the parents are almost always acting worse than the kids.

My last girlfriend has kids on the spectrum, and she never said anything like this. She was always out and about.

But we were all mortified when her daughter threw a gigantic tantrum in a nice restaurant. Yes, everyone looked. No, no one said anything to us about it.

I think there are some out there who were so hovered over by helicopter parents and constantly told what special snowflakes they were that they never got the memo that they are NOT the center of attention for anyone outside their own family and possibly friends.

I have done this… but if you could see the woman working at the Roger’s store across from my Starbucks, I might be forgiven. In my defence, I only gushed for two or three hours at the most! :o

Um… what?

When did this board become less about fighting ignorance and more of a support group for the mentally ill?

Likewise, I have never seen someone follow a mother around at a Kids R Us, setting fire to everything she touches, and screaming “Be Thou Cleansed!”

well, of course not. that’s really more a craft store thing.

Yeh, see, I’ve heard that. I don’t frequent craft stores though.

A lot of people? Personally, I haven’t encountered one.

This. But sometimes I wonder whether it’s always been that.

I -have-… But only when it’s something positive. When I see someone being awesome, or doing something really nice, I’ll gush. Sometimes for more than a day. So… Yes?

Everyone in this thread has said, ‘‘no, never have I felt that way.’’ Where are you getting mental illness from?


I think this thread is saying not to be self conscious, because nobody really concerns themselves with the actions of strangers for very long.

Right . . . ?

yesterday I was approached by a homeless person with physical and mental disabilities. It stuck with me all night and I would have talked to someone about it if someone was here.

Everybody I know goes out in public and talks about other things.

When someone ‘feels’ judgement from others, or tells you they ‘knew’ everyone was looking at them, or they are ‘getting looks’, it’s almost always projection of their issues, it seems to me. There is little point in pointing it out, as they are usually totally blind to it, don’t bother. But should recognize it when you see it regardless.