Has anyone here tried Convict Conditioning? (bodyweight exercises)

It’s that time of year where I put my kettlebells away for the winter so I thought I’d try the Convict Conditioning progression and I’m curious to hear how others are doing with it.

I decided to only do five of the progressions since I can already do the hanging leg raise at level 10. I’m at level 6 for most of rest except for the handstand progression which is at level 2 (and struggling at that even!). The push-up and bridge progressions are tough but I see myself accomplishing level 10 by Christmas in both.

My real goal though is the pistol squat. I’m trying the close squats but can’t keep my balance at the bottom. For now I’m going to keep doing them while also doing Bulgarian Split Squats. I weighed 212 this morning when I worked on them and I think a drop to 190-200 lbs will have to be my first step in achieving my squat goal.

Anyone else trying it?