Has anyone preordered Xbox? Any wholesalers?

I dont typically like to ask these kinda questions about the dope, but i can get more reliable info in general. Has anyone ordered the xbox for delivery nov 8? Has anyone done so without getting a premade bundle from Gamestop? Anyone know wholesalers who will make the commitment? thanks

My gut tells me the machine will be delayed, but that’s just my gut talking…not that it really talks…

I have not reserved an X-Box not because it’s Microsoft, not because the controller looks difficult to hold and probably uncomfortable, not because there are no stunning exclusive games, not because it’s stupid to say “Oh, I bought an XBox over PS2 or Gamecube”, not because Xbox fans are (from what I have seen) ranting and raving lunatics, not because Electronics Boutique requires you buy another $200 worth of periphereals to pre-order an X-box, not because it’s version of Final Fantasy 11 will be inferior to that of PS2.

I have not reserved an XBox because the Gamecube comes out two weeks later, and I any money I’d have left over is going to a PS2. I have been a gamer all my life, I know this industry inside and out, I am not impressed with anything Xbox has shown me. On the flipside of the coin, Gamecube has impressed me a lot. I’ve always been a Nintendo fan (but not one to hate other systems with prejudice), and I can confidently support my Gamecube.

P.s. All the things I mentioned before definitely help in my decision. :slight_smile:

That with titles such as Oddworld, Jet Grind Radio, Halo, and Dead or Alive 3, the Xbox will certainly have it’s share of followers.

I do agree that EB requiring 4-500 dollars to reserve an Xbox is godangridiculous.