Has anyone read "The Ginger Man", by J.P Donleavy?

I’ve read it and am now writing a review. However, I am having problems deciding on the main theme/s of the book. Does anyone who’s read it have any ideas?

Donleavy is my favorite author, but I’ve never thought this was even close to his best work.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say it’s got a theme in the sense that Macbeth has a theme; it’s an extended series of comic-pathetic vignettes, but all it really adds up to is a character study of Sebastian. If you absolutely have to have one, I’d say it’s something like “Selfish bastards, even the lovable ones, end up miserable.”

Then again, the final revelation:

that he’s got a big trust fund coming to him, but he won’t get it for years yet

Almost puts a Beckett-esque spin on it; it’s another way in which he maintains the illusion that just around the corner, everything’s going to be fine and wonderful. He keeps stringing along on hope, when the truth is pretty clearly that he’s going to run out of energy and implode someday.

It’s been probably five years since I read it (and I’m not usually up this early), but anyway there’s some rambling speculation. Hope it helps. I won’t be on the board much for the next few days, but you can send e-mail if you have more questions.