Has anyone seen Penn and Teller's show in Vegas?

We’re picking up my in-laws in Vegas this weekend, and I bought tickets to see Penn and Teller at the Rio.

I’ve been fans of theirs since the 80’s, and I’m jazzed.

Has anyone seen their show in Vegas? How was it? Anything I should know?

I saw it a few months ago. Absolutely amazing show. You’ll walk away as a bigger fan.

Some highlights [assuming they’re still doing a similar show]:

-The box on stage before the show.

-The Chinese bill of rights

-The whole bit with the American flag

-Anything with audience participation (they love to fuck with people)

I won’t spoil any of these for you up front but let us know if they’re still doing them and what you thought of them.

The best part is they sign autographs and talk to everyone after the show. You can finally hear Teller! Penn told me “Nice hat” and I realised to my horror I’d worn a “Sigfried & Roy” cap I’d bought for the pure cheese factor. I apologised profusely and he gave me a “WTF?” look and said “No seriously, NICE HAT.”

We went a few weeks ago.

Go early. You can examine the boxes on stage and they have an excellent jazz piano player guy. Also, Penn (in disguise) is the bass player before the show.

Also, it’s freezing in there. I was wearing a suit and I was cold. My wife had a wrap for her shoulders and she was still freezing.

How big is the theater? Is Row B close to the stage?

Will do.

I don’t remember how the rows were labeled, but B should be close. I don’t think the theater seats more than 300 or so. There’s not a bad seat.

Get there 45 minutes early, you can go onstage and examine some of their props.

Great show! I saw it about 2 years ago. Look for Penn playing string bass with a jazz pianist. They start playing an hour before show time. They are on one side of the stage, while people are on stage examining the props.

We talked to both of them after the show. I invited Teller to join us on a trip to Area 51 the next day, but he politely declined. THAT would have been a hoot! :smiley:

It’s not too huge a room but it holds a lot more than 300.

I think Row B will be about halfway back behind the row of booths.
I looked at our old ticket stubs. We were in the booth row and they’re row A.
You can see quite well from there.