Does Penn and Teller usually sell out in Vegas?

My SO and I are heading to Las Vegas next week, and we’ll be arriving Monday. We’re debating whether to go to a show or not, and the Penn and Teller show sounds like fun. Does anyone know if it usually sells out? I guess we should get the tickets now, huh? Anyway, if you have other suggestions for better shows, great (we wanted to go to a Cirque du Soleil, but only Zumanity is playing on Monday, and it’s kind of expensive. And kind of soft porn. Not that I mind, but it isn’t really my SO’s thing).


p.s. We’re only going to be there one night (heading to Zion on Tuesday).


When we went to Vegas we were able to get tickets with no problem. They do sell out, but if you get your tickets early in the day you should be all right.

Yup. Qwisp’s got it.

The theatre they’re in is enormous. We went on a Monday night in January and it was less than half full.

Cool – thanks for the tips.


Make sure you bring your camera. Many Vegas shows will confiscate cameras, but not Penn and Teller. They posed for pics and signed autographs after the show we saw. Unfortunately, a friend of mine told me to never bring cameras into the shows and mine was locked in the car.

Not only that, but Penn is on stage playing Bass before the show usually. So if you go up to look at the box, you can take a quick picture of him. He didn’t seem to mind when I was there.
And while Zoomanity is an adult show, the wife and I thought it was great. Much of the stuff that makes Circ de Solie great, but with boobs!

Don’t know about their ticket availability in Vegas, but I’ve seen P&T live several times and they’re GREAT! About ten years ago I actually made it on stage as an audience volunteer for their “Mofo the Psychic Gorilla” routine, and have hardly ever laughed as hard in my life. Go see 'em if you possibly can!