Has anyone seen the one-man one-hour LotR show?

Has anyone seen the one-man one-hour Lord of the Rings performance? It’s playing here in DC, and I’m wondering if it’s worth seeing. Also, would my wife, who has never read any Tolkien, have any idea what’s going on? Any reviews welcome. Thanks.

Yes, BMalion and I saw it a few months ago at the Cleveland Play House, and it was a lot of fun. The guy’s very talented and does a particularly good Gandalf and Gollum, especially. My favorite scene: during the meeting of the Council of Elrond, Gimli promises he’ll help Frodo complete his quest “with my axe,” Aragorn “with my sword,” and Legolas, “with my hair!”, said as he preeningly strokes it.

The show would be a bit impenetrable and confusing for someone who wasn’t already familiar with the Peter Jackson movies, I think.

The same actor does a good one-man Star Wars show, too.

I now know what my baby sister’s surprise for me next week is.

A pity it’s so far from my home…

As Elendil’s Heir stated, we saw it and boy did I laugh.

*“Mr. Frodo… are we gay?”
“Arwen’s fate is bound to the ring… contractual obligations.”