Has anyone seen The Order yet? Thoughts?

I haven’t seen it…and all of the moviegoer ratings are bad. I realize that’s not a great source for my movie picks, so what do y’all think of the flick?

No spoilers w/o boxes please…

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you”

That about sums it up for me.

yup, that’s what I’ve seen too. Oh well, it looked good in previews.

You’re talking about the last thirty minutes of Cremaster 3, right? :wink:

Glacial. Dirgelike. Hokum. Plot holes. Stupid-Character-Actions (interpret that phrase both ways). Hard-to-understand actor mumblings. Poor dialog. Unexplained plot elements.

Shall I go on?

My BF, who suggested going, said afterwards, “I owe you a movie.” He certainly does.

I have a couple of friends who talked me into going to EXG and they each owe me a movie!

I watched a rental DVD of The Order over the summer. Great action, beautiful scenery, and nice plot twists.

Oh, you meant the recent movie called The Order? Nope, haven’t seen it; don’t plan to.

Why don’t filmmakers come up with original names for their movies? It’s not as if it’s impossible, since there are a finite number of movies and a countably infinite number of finite-length strings of a finite alphabet (26 letters, plus all the punctuation marks; heck, just throw in all the million or so unicode characters). Even if the title is a nonsense name like THX 1138, at least it will be unique, and if the movie is a success, the title will enter the mainstream vocabulary, much as Catch 22 did.

btw, the original title for the new THE ORDER was THE SIN EATER. I’d have gone to a movie titled that as I understand the concept, but I think they felt it put too many people off as it’s not that well known a legend.

Tho why they picked THE ORDER as a title is beyond me

The fact that the distributors had so little confidence in this movie that they didn’t schedule any advance screenings should have told you everything you needed to know.

Eh…I don’t know…I sort of liked it. I did feel as if I came in halfway through a movie though. Just seemed like a lot that went on before the opening scene, that we should have been privy to.
I did like the basic premise, although like many stories today, it’s been done before.

I did like the fact that the “hero” didn’t really beat the bad guy in the end.

I liked it, too Atrael.

I seem to remember a jeep crash in the preview, though. Nothing like that in the movie.

There were parts that were hokey, but it was pretty good.

It had the flavor of a book - I was surprised that it wasn’t based on a novel.

Haven’t seen it.

But remember, this is the time of year that the worst of the worst is plopped into the theaters. Not good enough to compete against the summer block buster hits. Not good enough to contend against the long march to the oscars. Anything released from the second to last weekend in August is usually brain fodder.

What exactly is the legend of the Sin Eater, havent heard of it before and Im slightly interested now…

Regard the OP and whether I liked the moie or not, cant comment, I dont think its been released yet over here, although I have seen the trailers on TV, thought it looked OK.

Oh they kept the original name here too.

I wasn’t really planning on seeing this movie, in fact I’m kind of hoping it’s a bomb, because that means it’ll get out of the theaters faster and the posters will come down… I worked in a movie theater this summer and I’ve got a friend up there who’s getting me the gi-normous poster of Heath Ledger from this movie when it comes down. Can’t wait. Who cares if the movie sucks, it’s a huge poster of Heath Ledger. He’s hot.

And yes, I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this thread. :smiley:

My BF wanted to see it for just the same reason, AntaresJB. “Happy now?” I said, as we were leaving.

I know you weren’t necessarily implying this, but just to be clear, Catch-22 entered the mainstream vocabulary as a result of the brilliant book, not the mediocre movie.