Has Anyone Tried Caapi,Epena, Niopo? Personal Experiences?

These three drugs are derived from plants found in the Amazon basin-they have been used by native peoples for millenia.
I just finished a book about the Amazon (Tree of Rivers", by John Hemming, 2008). I found the accounts of these drugs fascinating. Anyway, a few questions:
-are these drugs illegal in the USA?
-has anyone here ever used them?
-they are said to provoke visions of extreme clarity, and not really hallucinogens at all-can anyone comment on this?
-they seem to benefit the local people-have any Western psychiatrists ever used them in therapy?
The one called “epena” is used by the Yanomani people-they use it to make decisions and receive guidance-if you have used it, what do you think?

I recall my anthropology professor talking about the Yanamami. They mainly used drugs to enter what they believe to be other levels of reality. There, they are largely concerned with killing other tribes.

He also said that movies I’d seen had accurately depicted use of the Yanamami’s favorite drug. Somebody blows it up your nostrils through a special pipe. This has the short term effect of turning your snot bright green. It has the long term effect of eating away the inside of your nose.

If you believe Wikipedia, caapi is not specifically regulated in the U.S. Wiki says that it’s a scheduled drug in Australia, France & Canada, though.

I didn’t try it but I got offered some sort of hallucinogenic herb while I was wandering about in some small Amazonian rain forest town. It was in some tiny little herbal shop that I was checking out because it looked interesting. I think they were also selling coca leaves which are pretty common. I don’t speak Portuguese and I figured it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to wander about the Amazon in a hallucinogenic haze, so in one of my rare moments of sensibility, I passed on it.