Has anyone unknowingly pitted another doper based on a real-life encounter?

Does that make any sense? Are there any known cases of someone pitting a putative stranger based on a real-life encounter (frex erie774’s human roadblocks thread) and the pitee was actually another doper who recognized him/herself from the details in the thread and posted a reply?

This isn’t really a General Question. Let’s try MPSIMS.

samclem GQ moderator

I’ve complained bitterly that some doper in real life at a dopefest was too fond of amplifiers, that you don’t want or need one when everyone is trapped in the same small den. But he took it as a compliment. I still think he should pay for my eardrum replacement surgery.

Not at the Dope, but I posted a link to slightly controversial message board at another board I post at. I did it as a joke without really reading the other message board and I later found out that one of our members posted there.

Another member notified me almost immediately and I deleted the post. I felt horrible because I really liked (still do) the person and wouldn’t have wanted to hurt her in a million years. There was information on the other board that I know she didn’t want other people to know. I didn’t know at the time if she saw the post. She later told me she didn’t but I felt I had to tell her what I did in case someone saw it and I wanted to apologize.

She was very nice about it and not upset but I still feel terrible just thinking about it.

I don’t mean to be an idiot, but who was the other doper who recognized him/herself from the details in the thread and posted a reply? Did the guy in the cashmere coat respond on the Dope? I know he saw him in real life again and kinda scared him away, but I could not find a response from him.

I was thinking the exact same thing. But after rereading the OP, it seems like he meant erie774’s thread to be an example of “someone pitting a putative stranger based on a real-life encounter” and not as an example of someone responding to such a thread.

I don’t know if this counts, but when I was fairly new here, another doper became upset over a comment, researched my name, found my phone number and called me late at night to yell at me. I hung up, so he started a pit thread about how unreasonable I was for not listening to him.

Sorry if I was unclear; that was simply meant to be an example of a pit thread where the pitee could easily identify themselves based on the amount of detail given. If he HAD responded in that thread, then the answer to my question would be “yes” and I wouldn’t have had to ask it.

! No more posting for me! That’s a long ways beyond creepy, friend.

I’d sleep a lot better at night if you would just confirm that this person is no longer a member here.

No!! :eek:

I’ve seen it on Something Awful a few times.

Every year or so, someone on the message board I run will complain about a situation they’re having with a party or certain group. Members of the group will somehow find out about the thread, join the board, and start posting. Good times. Happened on the SDMB once that I know of, perhaps more.

Same here; I combed the whole thing looking for the juicy confrontation but it wasn’t to be. :o

So did I!