Has Bill Gates ever been nominated for the nobel peace prize

Has he been nominated for the peace prize for his contributions to humanitarian aid? Is he eligible, aka is just giving money enough to justify a nomination?

I believe the qualification to be nominated is to have someone in the Norwegian Parliament know your name.

aka? Also known as? Did you mean, in other words, IOW?

Are there any recipients of the Peace Prize who received it for making large monetary donations?

I would be shocked if he hadn’t been nominated. All it take to be nominated is a letter of recommendation from a member of ANY national parliament or legislature, professors or administrators of universities, former winners, and various Nobel Institute staffers. There’s literally tens of thousands of people around the world who can nominate someone., anyone.

However, unless one of these people come forward, there’s no way to know. The Nobel Institute keeps information about its nominations secret for 50 years.

Oh, and as far as Gates being eligible: You, Wesley Clark, are eligible. So is Cecil. So am I. But George Washington isn’t: you have to have a pulse.