Has Cecil EVER posted to GQ?

Has Cecil himself ever come down from his heavenly perch to intervene with the teeming millions and help answer an unanswerable question on this General Questions board?

and here

wring’s cites would indicate that Cecil will show up for money and to answer a grammar question which would have been answered anyway.

So: Does he come to GQ–YES

 Does he answer unanswerable questions in GQ--**NO**

Erm… not sure how to put this in a way that won’t get me in trouble with my Doper colleagues, but:

I’m sure Cecil is a smart, intelligent guy with a decent turn of phrase. Heck, he may even be nice. But enough of the Cecil worship already! What’s with it?

Don’t diss us Cecilian fundamentalists, man!

When I first read “The Straight Dope, a Compendium of Human Knowledge (the last book you’ll ever have to buy)” I was in the library and was laughing so hard I was almost removed from the premises. I’ll never forget his description of polarized plugs in which he depicted a game of, “shaking hands with Jesus”

If I woulda been drinking milk, it woulda been spewing from my nose.

Fifteen years ago and that is when Cecil worship began for me. I’m not proud…

DaveRaver, i fyou use the search button & search by user handle, I suppose youll find his posts, right?