Has Chrome's spellchecker gotten worse?

Has anyone else noticed that Chrome’s spell checker has gotten super dumb lately? I make a lot of typos (which also makes me super dumb) but often I am just missing one letter or something simple like that. In the past the spell checker would get what I meant and suggest the right word but now it almost never gets it right and suggests off the wall stuff even when I am just missing one letter. I am guessing they changed the library or something (maybe AI related?) but whatever they did, it sucks.

An example from this very post, I accidentally typed “mayb” above and none of the suggested corrections is “maybe”. I am sure a few weeks ago it would have known (I make these kind of typos a lot!). Anyone else notice this change?

I’ve noticed it ever since they switched to using the Windows spell checker in Windows versions, and have reported it several times.

The Windows spell check isn’t this bad on its own. It seems to work fine in other apps, so I suspect is a bug in how Chrome interfaces with it.

I have to say that your example is the smallest such I’ve seen, though. Usually I see it with longer words.

I keep saying they should just use the spellcheck built in to Gboard, the one that works on Android phones.

Glad to know it isn’t my imagination.