Spell check

I may be a technologically impaired senior, but i cannot seem to get soell chrck to wirk on yhis biard.

What browser are you using on what operating system?
Also which Discourse theme?

To find/change Discourse theme: Click your avatar in the upper left corner, click the Preference tab, click Preferences gear symbol and click Interface.

Changed theme frin Xtraught Dioe Light to Discourse Ckassic. No chznge,
Using my Samdung tablet, probsbky defauk Damsung Interner briwser.

Dand i pribsbly shoukd hsve posted this in Site Feedback…

In Chrome, the musspellings get a red underline on Windows at least.
On my phone, using Chrome, I just get suggested replacements as I type, no red underlines.

I’ll move the thread for you.

So far, I’m not finding anything on the Discourse Meta site.

I’ve been using the SD app on my Galaxy S20 and noticed a couple of weeks ago that it was no longer spell checking my post. Since I’m such a gud speller I havn’t mizzed it.

On a slightly related note, the inventor of spell check has died.

His funnel is tomato.

Can we gopher the inventor of autocorrect nexus?