Has Galactus ever had any interaction with the Celestials?

Can’t recall any. Seems like it might be interesting if it occurred. Any comic book maven know better?


The Celestials

From your second link, under the entry on Tiamat, the Dreaming Celestial:

I vaguely remember Galactus and one Celestial in the first issue of Warlock and the Infinity Watch.

Well, they are always shown firing beams at a distance at whatever yutz has gained the power of the Infinite jock strap this week. They don’t really speak much in those encounters. Strictly business there.

Then there is the Earth X/Paradise X/Whatever X series. In that one, each planet had a baby celestial in it that would eventually grow up into an adult sentinel and destroy it’s planetary womb. Galactus, for all intents and purposes, ate the baby out of the center of the planet.

I can’t think of a Fat Bastard joke to go with that. Ya’ll can fill in your own.

It’s been a while since I read the series, but something bad tended to happen when there were to many celestials so Galactus played the great cosmic abortionist to keep their numbers down. Galactus had it out with a couple of Celestials at the end of that.