Has Rotten Tomatoes changed the definition of "Certified Fresh?"

I thought it was “at least 20 reviews and at least 75% Fresh.”

Now the website says a movie has to be at least 75% Fresh, have at least 40 reviews, AND five of those have to come from “Cream of the Crop” critics.

Am I misremembering the definition? If not, when and why did they change this?

It has been changed. I found a version of Rotten Tomatoes from a year ago on archive.org, and this was their definition of “Certified Fresh:”

They didn’t have anything more recent than a year ago on there, so I don’t know when it was changed.

Anyone know how they decide which are “cream of the crop” reviews, anyway?


It seems to me that the “Cream Of The Crop” reviews are almost all from critics and media outlets that I’ve heard of elsewhere, and a lot (but not all) of the rest are from lesser-known newspapers and websites. But I don’t know if they have an objective standard for it or if it’s just someone’s subjective opinion of the critics’ reputations.