Has something happened to the 'notification of new posts' email?

I haven’t gotten any notification of new post messages since yesterday, though I see that there ARE new posts in thread I’ve subbed too.

Is this happening to everyone or do I just need to talk to my ISP?

I noticed the same thing this morning. My threads don’t have any new posts in the last few hours so I can’t say if it’s still happening.

If the server is feeling stressed it drops the tasks with the least priority which is email notifications. Not saying that’s the issue now. My browsing experience has been fine but I know people have been mentioning some troubles on the FB doper group.

I’ve been having the same problem…if it’s any help, my notifications are sent to a Gmail address.

It’s been over forty minutes since there was a response on this thread and still no notification, so it’s still happening for me at least.

And I haven’t been notified of any of these posts, either.

Still, good to know it’s not just me.

Is this still going on? The Dope was moved to a new server last night … that may have delayed things but you should be getting your notifications. If anything, things should be better now.

(Of course should and is are not the same.)

It’s still happening, notifications aren’t working for me.

Mine definitely aren’t working…I should have gotten several updates this afternoon.

I’ll pass this on. Sorry for your inconvenience.

We’ve changed the vBulletin email configuration on the new server. Please let me know if you start receiving your thread subscription emails.



It seems to have worked! I’ve received three notifications so far, the first one timed as 12:29 a.m.

Thank you for fixing things. :slight_smile:

It’s working here…thank you!

All is well, thank you TubaDiva and jdavis.

Test. Still not getting emails. We’ll see if this new sub works.

I know this is an old thread, but in recent days I’m not getting email notifications of new posts to threads I’m subscribed to.

I had something on this in email yesterday and Jerry said the system was operating for him as normally. I’ll ask him to look into it again.

For those of you having trouble with getting your email notifications, please tell me your email provider … you have checked your spam folder and you’re not seeing anything, correct?

If we can find a point of commonality in this problem, we may find a solution.

Sent you a PM on this. Thanks.

Are there any new developments?