Has the left figured out why Trump won the election?

Let’s stay away from Russia topic, as there is zero evidence of collusion and absolutely no evidence that one vote was tapered with on the voting machines.

I’m asking has the left come to grips with the reality as to why Trump won. If we can stay on topic I’d like to read their responses, as I think the think tank types and politicians in office / running for office still do not understand all the reasons why.

Your problems are caused by Others. I’ll make the Others go away.

[sarcasm]There are even more racists, homophobes and would-be fascists in America than we thought! But We Shall Overcome. Fight the Power! Fight the Power![/sarcasm]

I feel like my vote was tapered. I’m positive it was a lot longer when I sent it in. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing how this question is different from “Why did Hillary lose”, which has been done to death here. Can you clarify how, if at all, this is a different question? Again, maybe I’m missing something.

It also might help if you tell us what you mean by “the left”. That’s a pretty large group of people.

Aw come-on. Racists, and bigots are on both sides. The left has a ugly narrative of saying its a white problem, but I can think of no other group who’s vote is split closer down the middle between the two parties. So Sarcasm aside, what are the reasons?

I’m not asking why did Hillary lose. I’m asking the left leaning poster here, which in my estimation is 80% of the board or higher, why Trump won.

Yes–I think you are missing something and so are the Democratic strategists.

There are many, many reasons why – campaign minutiae (why spend time in certain states but not in others), entrenched beliefs about Hillary Clinton, apathy from many Democrats and liberals, Comey’s last minute decision to put out damaging info (that turned out to be nothing) about Hillary, and much more. It was a very, very close election, and any of these things could have turned it one way or the other under slightly different circumstances. Nate Silver has said that the very best correlate for Trump support is google searches for the N-word: https://twitter.com/natesilver538/status/703975062500732932?lang=en

Campaigns are complicated, and there’s never a single clear and simple answer for why a very close election goes the way it did. Doug Jones edged out Roy Moore because Moore was credibly accused of molesting teenage girls, as well as Jones being a high quality candidate, as well as Moore having said many racist things in the past, and much more. But if things had gone slightly differently, Moore could have won.

Can you explain why those are different questions? They seem like the same thing to me. Someone wins and someone loses in the same election. It wasn’t two independent events.

…Russians staging pro-Trump rallies, including coordinating with a Trump campaign HQ in Florida and allegedly trying to use that HQ to get in touch with the national campaign.

There are a shitload of reasons. And there have been literally thousands of opinion pieces written on the topic, including almost certainly thousands of posts on this messageboard on the topic. Why on earth would you think this thread is gonna resolve the question, or even break new ground?

“He hates the same people I hate” is a powerful lure to the Dark Side. Saying liberals hate other groups too is meaningless, since no candidates weaponized that hate as effectively as Trump.

Trump won because Hillary’s team dropped the ball and lost by a very narrow margin in a couple of key states.

If we want to go back to the primary, Trump won over the other Republican non-entities because he got a huge amount of free media. The news media fucking love Trump, because Trump gives them ratings. Obviously they hate him, but they hate him like wrestling fans hate the heel. Without the heel there’s no story.

Sure, the winning team has to do something to win. Actually, they need to do several things to win. In this case, why did Trump win? I have not seen that thread here.

I think there are reasons Trump won, aside from bogus accusations and Hillary’s being a weak candidate and the left has trouble seeing them.

So far the lack of detailed replies to the question is illustrating a working theory…they still don’t know why he won. Yet he did, winning 30 of 50 states and the electoral college 306 to 232.

I’ll reply with the reasons I think he won at a later time in this thread.

In case you’re wondering, that’s not what Mueller is investigating. And since there’s no official crime of collusion, could you explain why you keep harping on it?

Clinton only received 63,281 less votes than Obama did in 2012. Hardly a case of apathy.

Although we Democrats had 3 million Mexican citizens cast votes, we could have used a few thousand more in strategic locations like Milwaukee.

Because no one vote was changed and the media fails to mention that. I’m trying to stay away from conspiracy theories in this thread. No excuses as to why Clinton lost please, I’m looking for the reasons why Trump won.

Raw numbers mean little, since populations grow. The percentage went down considerably.

You’re asking if we know why so many people voted for Trump? Maybe you should lay it out for us.

Trying to find “the reason” is a fool’s errand. Tens of millions of people voted for Trump, and each of them did so for different reasons. You can find any set of people who total more than the margin in the key states, and say that whatever their reason was is the reason that Trump won. Or you can find some completely different set, with a different reason, and say that’s why. Or, heck, most of those people probably had multiple reasons for their vote, and would have voted differently if some number of those reasons (but not necessarily all of them) were different.

And, of course, “why did we lose before?” is not the same question as “how do we keep from losing again?”. The answers to the former may offer insight on the latter, but sometimes it’s insight that we don’t want or need. For instance, some Trump voters undoubtedly did so because they knew that he was a racist sexist bigoted asshole, and that’s exactly what they wanted. We might be able to win those people over by running a racist sexist bigoted asshole of our own, but we’re not going to, because the whole point is to get rid of a racist sexist bigoted asshole.