Who do you blame/credit for Trump's victory? (short/succinct poll)

Hopefully the last such thread on the well-hashed topic, since it has been well over a year and a half since the election in November 2016 but I can’t recall a poll on this.
Just a short poll-and-answer thing.

You missed “All of the above”. There wasn’t one person or group or even responsible. It was a whole pile of things.

I blame it on the fact that so few “liberal” educated types fail to realize that they sound like Big T to the average person.

If I have to pick one, it is of course people that voted for Trump.

The knowledge of what a crooked piece of scum he is has been out there for years.

Well, the Russian influence certainly helped a little.

Yeah, I’m not even sure I could pick out what I would consider the biggest reason. You could legitimately check all or almost all of that list and it is less a collection of entrees on a menu than it is a jumbled up stew

I wouldn’t agree with ‘all of the above’ but I would agree with ‘many of the above’. Perhaps the poll might be reset as a multiple answer poll?

I’m surprised most “liberal” educated types realize they sound like Big T. Almost as surprised I am that most “liberal” educated types even know who Big T is.

Worded as what do you blame “the most…” -would be telling if enough people respond.

Yeah I should have added “most”

Maybe I should have used the term self described liberals? I don’t know if that really conveys the right meaning either though. It’s a little difficult these days to speak in broad terms and accurately describe political groups. But there is a group, generally attached to the Democratic side, that tends to moralize the way the Republican Evangelicals used to. And they are very annoying to a lot of people and seem to lack a certain self-awareness. They go further than the politicians do - professional politicians tend to be more measured, but they are sort of creating this thing in the minds of people that is irritating and people just want it to go away, or at least take a shower or something.

You have whos and whats in the same poll. Makes it hard to choose. I picked “stay-at-home voters”, but was torn between that and Comey and a couple of other choices.

I absolutely blame the DNC/Hillary. As I have posted before: If someone leaves the door to your house open and a bear gets in and fucks everything up, who do you really get angrier at? The bear, or the person who left the door open?

In my view Clinton and DNC tried to win. They worked hard to win. I’m not sure what they should have done differently, in your view. Maybe they made some mistakes, but hindsight is 20/20.

Clinton wasn’t my all time favorite candidate (I didn’t support her in 2008 primaries, for example) but she was qualified, on message, and had concrete, well thought out policies. Therefore, I blame the voters who rejected her more than her and the DNC for Trump. A significant number of voters wanted to fuck things up. That’s disgusting (and deplorable).

Another significant number of voters stayed home, thinking they didn’t have to show up for Clinton, because no country in it’s right mind would elect someone like Trump. So they could smugly vent their “she’s not perfect” attitude and refuse to vote for her, secure in their view that it wouldn’t matter and she’d win anyway. How’d that work out?

BigT **has not been a participant in this thread and introducing him in this fashion is bordering on being a jerk. If you want to take a shot at other posters, especially those that haven’t participated in the thread - the Pit is the place to do so.


. I donno. As barely luke warm as Hillary was, it’s been sadly discovered that Trump voters are out there. It seems like they have been waiting to vote for any piece of shit just like him for a long time.

Trump voters. If the power in a democracy ultimately derives from the voters, then the blame belongs with them as well.

Human beings from every generation and every culture on earth are susceptible to bad ideas. What’s going on now is unsettling but it’s nothing compared to how it was in the past. There used to be horrific wars over very petty religious differences, there were all kinds of brutal cults that gained thousands of followers or even controlled entire countries, even very advanced countries (the Mayans and Aztecs - Jesus, can you imagine having to live in those times?) People stabbed each other and hacked each other to pieces with all kinds of axes and spears and daggers, within living memory there were whole countries controlled by ideologies that were so collectively dangerous that America had to drop nuclear bombs on them…this is nothing, dude. This isn’t even as bad as the political division in the 1960s, from what I’ve heard from many people who were hippies or activists back then. People fall under the sway of bad ideas all the time and in every place. It doesn’t turn the people into evil goblins or something, it just means bad ideas are bad ideas.

Well, given the singleton nature of the voting options, Donald Trump is to blame/deserves credit for him winning, right? Had he not run, then we would not have this poll.

I don’t know how people can give a single answer to this. Hillary lost by a small handful of votes in three states, absolutely everything in that list made a difference and a hundred other things on top. From Comey’s letter to the weather on election day, a tiny little push in the other direction and we would have escaped this nightmare.