Has the Photobucket upload changed?

I just went to upload a couple of photos at Photobucket, and they’ve changed the page layout. Ever since I switched to Firefox, I’ve been using their “old uploader” option, which is no longer there. There’s a “click here to upload” box, I click on it, pick the pictures, it says they upload – but the pictures aren’t there.

Any ideas?

It works for me.

I’ve been having trouble with the flash based uploader too. It simply won’t load for me. In their help, here, they say their old uploader will now only appear if you don’t have flash installed - there’s no more link to the old uploader. I don’t want to uninstall flash just to use the old uploader. When I emailed them the only response I got was that my thoughts would be considered.

Does it matter that I’m on a Mac?

Well that’s annoying as hell. Guess for now I’ll just upload the pix elsewhere – but long term, that’s my main online photo album, I don’t really want to have to maintain two.

Download a webbrowser that doesn’t support flash. Or use an extension in Firefox to turn off flash for that particular website. It’s not the best solution, but at least you won’t have to uninstall anything.

I am so glad I don’t use Photobucket.

I was very disappointed at their new “look”. I could barely find the pics for the cluster of ads everywhere.

I can’t find the place where you change the size as you upload the photo. :mad:

There’s a firefox addon called IE Tab, which allows you to change the browser engine for one tab (say, the one you’ve opened Photobucket in) to Internet Explorer; I use it for all sites that have some problems with firefox for whatever reason, especially when there’s some flash issue. Works like a charm.

Here’s that link in English.

IE makes me really nervous. It went kerplooey on me last fall and it took me a week to straighten out – couldn’t get online at home at all during that period. (Figuring out how to load Firefox if you can’t get online to load Firefox was only one problem – I spent several hours on the phone with people in India.) I haven’t launched IE on this machine since, and even doing it through Firefox … still nervous.

Actually went and checked. The ‘fire uploader’ in Firefox tools works just fine. No idea about resizing, I do all that myself with Irfanview.