Has there ever been a comic book super heroine acknowledged to be having her period?

Or female super villain having her period.

Well fan boys… has there?

Yes. PMS Woman from the movie Mystery Men: “And I only work four days a month. DOES ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?”

I should be more specific. Actually* in * a comic book not a movie.

Sister Grimm.

I think Major Kusanagi might have mentioned it in the manga as well as the anime of Ghost in the Shell, but she was probably kidding (that, or her cyborg body has some serious design or manufacturing flaws).

In 1988-89, Action Comics became Action Comics Weekly with multichapter features. One such serial with the Blackhawk characters (and clearly aimed for a non-kid audience) had one female character mutter that another was “on the rag” which is the earliest such reference I can think of in a DC comic.

Dorothy Spinner, a character introduced in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, but not becoming a MAJOR character until Rachel Pollack’s run, was revealed early in Pollack’s run to have powers that were tied to her menstrual cycle.

I doubt Dorothy was the only, or even the first (1993), character to have this quirk, but she probably was the first in mainstream superhero books.

In the Legion of Super-Heroes, Sean Erin was taking ProFem, which apparently turned a man into a complete biological woman (the reverse was ProMen) because he loved Jan Arrah (Element Lad) and didn’t think Jan would love a man. So he became the biological female Shavaugh Erin. The supply of these illegal drugs dried up, and she mentioned the pain that came when it was coming on “my time of the month” and she didn’t have the ProFem.

I only remember this because “my time of the month” seems like a ridiculous expression 1,000 years from now. And because it was a ridiculous story.

In a recent issue of ‘The Boys’, our hero Hughie answered the door not knowing his face was smeared with his girlfriend’s menstrual blood. He is unaware that his girlfriend, Annie January, is actually the super heroine Starlight.

I missed that story. :eek:

Be thankful.

I found some panels here.

I’m not quite grokking what Element Lad is saying in those scenes. Its almost like he’s saying he would be willing to continue the relationship.

Work is blocking that site but it’s probably the same panels found at Element Lad’s Gay League profile. And yeah, he’s pretty much saying it’s the person who matters, not the physical body (hear that, Next Gen producers?).

Of course the LoSH has been “re-imagined” since then at least once and Element Lad’s sexuality hasn’t been re-established.

Slightly related to the question. You have Angua, the female werewolf in Discworld, who suffers from PLT (pre-lunar tension).