Has there ever been a convicted murderer more heinous than Joseph Edward Duncan III?


I can’t think of any. If you try to have the worst imagination possible that you could possibley dream up for any sort of murder I can’t see someone coming up with a worse scenario than this guy. I’m not going to go through the details of what he did but even in my wildest imagination I can’t come up with anything worse he could have done, other than to have done it to more kids. The methods he used and his total lack of any remorse is astonishing. Those last days for the boy must have been unbearable and the girl had to witness it all, as well as participate in it. The details that keep coming out are nauseating and really stretch what I think the worst humans are capable of doing to others. Just the little lines from the videos are enough to shake me to the core.

I feel for the jurors and law enforcement teams that had to view those tapes and prepare the case.

So, now for opinions, has there ever been a more henious murderer? I’m not talking about someone who killed more people, but someone who dragged it out and enjoyed it as much as this guy?

Hard to talk about “more”, but certainly the BTK Killer would be in a league with this fine citizen…

Gilles de Rais.

Carl Panzram and Charles Ng* come to mind as being the same type of criminal.

(*Had he lived to be convicted, Leonard Lake would be here as well.)

Susan Smith and Andrea Yates. Imagine what type of person you must be to go against hundreds of thousands of years of ingrained maternal instinct to murder your own children. You have to override something that nature has built in to preserve us as a species in order to do what those women did.

In the UK you would put Myra Hindley and Ian Brady into this category.

If you do want to look them up, I’d suggest only going for an outline of their crimes, don’t look for more.

Albert Fish.

Or Charles Rothenberg. I cannot image anything more horrible than setting your own child on fire.


But it just goes to show that depravity is nothing new. On the positive side, it’s good that we are appalled at such depravity.

Richard Allen Davis, the monster who murdered Polly Klaas, comes to mind.

The article doesn’t mention that when Klaas’s father told him to “Burn in Hell,” Davis gave him the finger with both hands.

Elizabeth Báthory is about as bad as you can get. In more modern times, its tough to compete with Colombian serial child killer Pedro López. He killed about 300 little girls, all aged 9 to 12. Charming fellow.

Also that such depravity is so rare that we know the perps full names and their histories.

Idi Amin? Pol Pot? Stalin? Mao? They murdered millions.

How about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka?

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Fred & Rose West yet. They tortured, raped and killed at least 12 young women, one of which was his daughter - they buried her in the backyard, under the patio. They sexually and physically tortured all of their children, even offering them to other family members (Rose’s father) to abuse. There are still debates about the extent of Rose’s participation in the crimes, some accounts paint her as an abused victim herself, others say she was a sadistic mastermind. The wiki link gives a brief summary Fred West - Wikipedia

That guy’s on up there, though.

And Karla Homolka is now out of prison and recently had a baby. Considering her history of raping and killing her own sister as well as other innocent girls, one questions her ability to be a good mother…

I don’t revel in the sordid details of the people that commit serial crimes but I sort of thought that John Wayne Gacy Gacy

and Jefferey Dahmer

. . . were contenders for top honors.

Let us not forget Andrei Chikatilo who mutilated and killed more than 50.

I first learned of Delphine LaLaurie from these boards and I must say, I’ve never read a story that made me even half as nauseous. Although I will agree that everyone listed in this thread has a good helping of eternal damnation coming to them, if such a thing exists.