I would suspend the "Cruel and Unusual" clause for this guy.

I honestly would.

Steven McBride Muder Trial

The bastard (I will not use the words “step-parent”, “-father” or “-dad” in referring to this fucker) maliciously tortured to death Dillon Blocker, the 3-year old child of the woman he married.

Not mentioned in the article was the fact that the little boy had cigarette burn marks. McBride left at least 20 bite marks on the little boy. One of the little boy’s teeth had been knocked out and found in his stomach. Indictment

By the way, the jury deliberated for 2 hours, found him guilty, and he was immediately sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

I would sentence him to being in the general population except the times when he was in his cell…where there would be the sound of a little child crying playing constantly.

Dillon’s mother previously pled guilty to allowing the abuse to continue. She’s expected to get ten years.

During the trial, the TV news would always display a picture of a smiling little Dillon Blocker. Good God, that was so heartbreaking. I can’t imagine little Dillon ever smiling. His short life must have been a horror show.

I though about making a GD thread about this–whether it would be justifiable to suspend “cruel and unusual” or not, but I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be rational enough to debate it. I make no apologies for that. I would, happily, beat that son of a bitch up to just short of the point of death, year after year, on Dillon’s birthday.

God damn that motherfucker!

My God.

I agree, Rysdad. It ain’t civilized to wish for such things, but when it comes to people hurting children, especially in such a brutal manner, I’m a fucking barbarian.

Amen to that. Although the principle of the cruel & unusual clause is one I agree with, there are times when it seems that there are some bastards for whom no punishment could be cruel enough. :mad:

– Anaximenes

How terrible. :frowning:

And yet, I don’t wish for torture for him. Making someone beat the guy up to the point of death every year would honestly lower us to his level. Finding someone that enjoyed inflicting such punishment would be even worse. Probably he deserves death, but even that should be swift and clean. But now he’s going to be in prison until he dies, and I hope that the knowledge of what he’s done weighs heavily on his mind.

I don’t believe in violence. I even believe that criminals should be rehabilitated and not punished. But, Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, I want to torture this son of a bitch. I mean, a three year old kid. How can you do that to a cute little boy? I wanna puke, I’m so disgusted by this animal.

Yeah, it’s tempting to say that cruel and unusual crimes merit cruel and unusual punishments, but torturing this guy would only lower all of us, which would, paradoxically enough, end up maing him more human. I mean, if he tortures and kills, and we torture and kill, can we really say that he’s such an abberration?

True, I’m not in favor of torture for any reason. But I’d kill the son of a bitch without a second thought and sleep like a baby after, too.

While we might enjoy torturing that lowlife scum, it does have the effect of making us as low as he is. All I can say is that stories like this make me want to protect all the children I know (and the innocents of this world) from people like that! :frowning: :mad:

However, why would any self-respecting mother allow the abuse to continue? Maybe she was afraid of what might happen to her if she spoke out against it, but I don’t know…

When I started reading this thread, I was expecting it to be about the Dooleys. It is a very similar case (that is currently being tried) where the step-mother (and the father, too, probably) of a 7 year old boy abused him so much that he died of brain damage. A tooth was found in his stomach, as well as numerous internal injuries.

I didn’t think there’d be two cases like this.

You do realise that unless he’s kept in solitary 24/7 this guy’s life is gonna be hell anyway? Prison’s not easy on child abusers.

I think Miller hit the nail on the head. But, Flamesterette, I think you need to reel it in a little bit on one thing. I can only speak for myself, but I would not “enjoy torturing” anyone, I don’t care what they’ve done.

I don’t want to turn this into a death penalty debate, but my argument on that front has always been, that I was wary of innocent people being exucuted, but there are definitely people who absolutely need to be taken out of society permanently.

In this case, I’d say this fucker needs to have his ticket punched. Sorry, we don’t want you on this planet anymore. Go somewhere else. Thank you – don’t come again.

I can’t see what possible function a person (and I use the term loosely) like this could serve in humanity.

Does it have to be cruel “and” unusual? Why not just plain cruel?
A beating every year would not be unusual. IMHO

I’m speechless with disgust, but staying silent in the face of such atrocities only makes it worse. On a scale of one to horrible, this guy is off the charts. Also, Jack, I think Flamsterette was referring to some of the previous posts, such as “it seems that there are some bastards for whom no punishment could be cruel enough,” “I want to torture this son of a bitch,” or “kill the son of a bitch without a second thought and sleep like a baby after,” not necessarily that everyone who opens this thread would like it.

Roger. Duly noted.
I didn’t mean to imply Flamester wanted to do any torturing, I just thought the point needed to be made.

Understood, just thought I’d clear that up a bit.

What is sad is that none of the charges merit the death penalty. Not that he doesn’t deserve it.

Minnesota doesn’t have a death penalty, and, in this case, that’s not so bad. I’d rather have the bastard live and suffer. I hope the other guys in prison “do their duty” while the guards develop temporary vision difficulties.

Personally, I find that a downright shitty attitude.

Enjoying the misery of others doesn’t exactly make one seem noble. I don’t advocate death for this guy just so I can watch him die, or because I thing it’s a handy punishment for him to endure. I just think he ought to be dead, thats all.

You might want to drag your opinions over to this debate. You’ll probably have a lot of fun.

Too bad, bucko. Nor do I hold to the belief that some extreme form of punishment for that rat bastard “lessens us all.”