has "whose line" been cancelled?

They had moved it to Friday, but lately it’s been two freaking hours of America’s Funniest People Getting Hit in the Crotch instead. Has one of my favorite shows, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, been cancelled?

i think it’s in temporary hiatus, check abc’s official website to see the official word on the show http://abc.abcnews.go.com/

they say that The next episode of Whose Line has not yet been scheduled. But it is still on the ABC lineup.

I hope they at least get some new cast members in rotation. I’m so sick of Ryan, Colin and Wayne. Talented, yes, but come on! There are other talented folks too. Why not recruit some more of the ORIGINAL cast from UK?

Alias said:

I agree with you on that one. Part of the fun of the original show was that there were different people on it all the time. I would love to see more unknowns on the show, too.

Drew and Drew are returning in March. (By this, I mean the two shows Mr. Carey appears in.)

nah, i think they should force them to do skits that are their known weaknesses.

I love colin and ryan but damn we know wayne can improv sing, can we have a show that doesnt exploit this obvious singing talent?

or have 2 (colin and ryan) as permanent improv’ers and rotate 2 new people or 2 other people in their troop as their fill-in players.

I think I’ve seen at least one episode that Wayne wasn’t in. Colin and Ryan were there still. I can’t remember who the other two were. Maybe Greg Proops was one.

I’m glad to hear the show will be back.

Colin and Ryan are the lifeblood of the show. They are the only reason I ever watched the British version–I found the others to be unfunny, except for Josie Lawrence on occasion. I agree that Wayne is expendable. His singing isn’t as clever as I used to think; he puts way too much “filler” into his songs: too many * oh, you know*'s like he’s stalling for time.

But, if they got rid of Colin and Ryan, they’d lose far more viewers (including me) than they’d gain. They could get rid of Drew and no one would mind or care, though.