Hastur, drop on in, have a beer, listen to me for a sec

You never did explain to me in this thread what I did that was so wrong in your eyes?

Please explain, what the hell I said that was so attacking? All you said was that I attacked the OP you didn’t state why you felt that or what specifically was it that made you so angry with me.

You either think I am so self involved I can’t see, which, honestly I can’t when it comes to you and some others on this board because of your words, or you enjoy being an ass to me and are trying to “get my goat.”

Here’s the deal. Had the OP in that thread posted in MPSIMS and said something along the lines of:

“My boss just doesn’t understand that pizza doesn’t cut it for a last minute meeting. I wish I could have my time to myself and these last minute meetings really suck. Most importantly, I wish my boss would give us the acknowledgement that we do work with him/her during these lunch sessions, I feel like he/she doesn’t realize that we really need that hour off during the day to get some of our business completed…”

I would have been more than sympathetic (this goes for you too kabbes since you felt I was less than sympathetic…)

This is the Pit. There are no rules that we have to agree even in MPSIMS. My self believes that sometimes little stuff like that should be left alone unless people are in jobs they absolutely hate. I didn’t attack hajario I made my opinion clear. I didn’t scath him/her with words, I stated it from my opinion.

There is no where on this board that states we can’t state an opinion. If my post had been out of line I am sure a moderator would have either 1. emailed me to cool it 2. told me publicly that I was out of line and given me a warning. Niether of those happened. I didn’t set out to push the OP to suicide which clearly wasn’t in my words, I calmly stated my opinions. You jumped in and made it very clear that your intentions were not from the OP’s status as an over-worked worker drone but to chide me, admit it. I can at least give obfusciatrist credit for his opposition to what I said without being a complete ass in return; his last sentence was uncalled for in my opinion but that’s in response to the posts I said with regards to you and magdalene. Despite my recent rubbing of horns with him he at least handled it with a wee bit of grace. You on the other hand didn’t. This is exactly what I was getting at with you.

I can deal with opposite opinions what I can’t agree with is the fact that I didn’t go overboard with my post but you felt otherwise. I may have been against the OP’s post but I am entitled to an opinion about the post, I was not against the poster. I didn’t attack the OP as a person, unlike you like to do, but I questioned it from a perspective I have. I know my perspective and I don’t think you or anyone but me could know what I was thinking in that post.

Look Hastur, if you wanna run around this board and refute everything I say, you will be known for it but know that I will not put up with blatent assualts on me because I happen to open my mouth. It’s one thing if you dispute what I have to say, it’s another entirely to sit there and claim, pretty much and this is what I read from your posts, you will be there with virtually any Pit thread I enter to call me on it. But the thing is, I hear you write it with so much malice that it’s darn near stalking to me with the way you portray (sp) it. This is why I got pissy with you. This is why I publicly asked you to leave me alone yet you refused.

Hastur, believe it or not I am pretty happy and healthy. I have no intention of leaving this board because of your words. I will not let you get under my skin like that, that’s what I have myself for, to get under my skin. You are less than words on a computer screen to me but I have to call you out on this behavior I personally see. If any of your other SDMB buddies had to put up with a similar situation from you, they would be on your ass to lighten up.

Look, if you don’t like me, fine, I accept that. I don’t particularly like you either but what this comes down to is, the fact you seem to hate me and seem willing to express that at any turn. I on the other hand don’t do that to those I dislike on this board. I do my best to avoid them. If they have a legitimate question or concern I address them on it hoping they go away knowing I am not as bad as you think I am. I never did diddly to you that I can recall so I don’t know why the hurtful feelings you have. It baffles me. It just baffles me.

I have said things in the past that hurt your friends, they have said things that hurt me. We got past it, we either don’t deal with one another or have gotten past it. But your words in that thread seem pretty scary to me especially considering I don’t ever recall any kind of run in with you except in one of my weirded out threads where you confronted me. If I did confront you and was a bitch, I apologize for that now, I obviously don’t remember it and wouldn’t do that on purpose.

So, that’s the thing. I am more than willing to ignore you if you can do the same. I will however state that if I disagree with something you say I will do my best to confront you in the most civil way possible. I don’t want board fights, that’s not who I am about. You may disagree but that’s not who I am. But know that I don’t go into threads to souly harm a person, I state my opinion and never look past the OPs post; it’s the replies about my past that get me pissy. It’s a post, he or she says it, I agree or I disagree with it. But I am not here to start fights with you or anyone on this board.

Whatever. Take your self pity and bug the fuck off.

Anyone who challenges your appalling behavior and skewed sense of “reality” you first attack with intense vitriol, and then when someone can bite back, you become contrite and try to make them look like the bad guy.

I’m not playing your game. Get some therapy, and get a damn life. We’re not here to be your therapists, and we’re not your fucking punching bags.


What is the game I am playing with you?

I reponded to the OP in that thread you came back with:

Hastur, I am not playing games with you, you respond wit

“What the fuck is your damage?”

“It must be difficult to maintain martyrdom on the impressive level you aspire to.”

You seem to enjoy being one that enjoys to say such hurtful words…I told the OP very mild stuff and you still haven’t answered why or how my words to him/her were as horrible that you give us with your unique commentary in that above quote.

I am asking you for the third time, what in my OP was it that made me feel I wrote that I was damaged with the OP? Come on Hasture you can do better than this…

Oh, now I need to bug off, after I asked you nicely to leave me alone but one the tables are turned and I am asking you nicely and wondering what is going on you tell me to “bug off.” Kind of a double standard.

I would like to hear some other Doper thoughts on this subject. I am not here to bash Hastur but I really want to know what is going on. I am baffled, truly baffled.

You can’t even spell my fucking handle, not to mention the other ‘words’ you attempt.


You are so deep in denial you have to live in Egypt at this point. I’m not going to further participate in yet another thread where you act bewildered because someone is disgusted with you and your behavior.

I’m off to worthwhile threads. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Okay you two.

No more wrangling between the two of you. Find separate corners or a neutral spot or something, but stop this right now. Take it somewhere else OFF THIS SITE.

This thread is closed. Don’t make us take further action.

your humble TubaDiva