Hatchbacks are awesome.

Our family has an '80s Toyota Tercel (I think it’s '85). It’s awesome. It’s small, but it’s cozy. And since it’s a hatchback, if you need more room, you just lay down the back seats.

You know what? Hatchbacks are awesome. Why would anyone even buy a non-hatchback? Are people with cars other than hatchbacks really people? Does God exist in the form of a hatchback somewhere?

Talk about your hatchbacks and how much you love them.

I agree wholeheartedly. We just bought a new (used) car and my only criteria was that it had to have a hatchback. I put my groceries in there, the Rock Band stuff travels comfortably, I can put the seats down and throw a bike back there. I love my ‘05 Malibu Maxx. (And the super suave personality we’ve given him based on his ludicrous name. Malibu Maxx, fighting crime and lovin’ and leavin’ ladies!)

All the cars I’ve ever owned have been hatchbacks (or “5-doors,” as I see them called now).

One Dodge Charger
Two Subarus
One Mazda 3

I’m pretty sure my next car will be another Mazda 3 or a Mini. It’s surprising what you can stuff into a small car with the seats down and a little determination. :slight_smile:

My first couple of cars were hatchbacks, a '88 Ford Crapscort Pony, and a '92 Dodge Shadow, the crapscort, meh, the only good thing about it was the hatch, but the rest of it was crappy, the Shadow, I LOVED that little car, unfortunately, my remaining cars have all been sedans, Bleh!

I miss the utility of a hatchback, my next car would be, ideally, a small diesel powered hatchback (VW Golf/Rabbit), but either way, it’s gonna’ be a hatch, I’ve been hatch-less for far too long

Hmm… wonder if the 2011/2012 Ford Fiesta will have a diesel hatch version

I’d prefer to buy American for my next car, but Chrysler pissed me off with the way they treated me with the '02 Neon, and GM pissed me off with their shuttering of the Saturn brand, my previous experiences with Ford have been less than good ('88 Escort, need I say more?), but in Ford’s favor, they seem to have increased their quality control AND they didn’t take any bailout money, that’s points in their favor, IMO

the latest Toyota recall debacle proves that no manufacturer is immune to defective vehicles, and that some manufacturers have been riding on their reputations for a while

either way, to get back on subject, the next MacTechMobile will be some form of hatchback (or maybe a small, fuel efficient diesel truck), perhaps I should look at a Subaru Impreza hatch (wagon?), it has AWD, a hatchback design, and is a pretty decent car

I loved my hatchback (Honda Accord Hatch).

Then I got a wagon and never looked back. :slight_smile:

I had a '81 Mazda GLC hatchback. As the name implied, it was a great little car. I now have a '08 Mazda 3 hatchback, it’s pretty neat too.

I don’t like either one nearly as much as the two 4Runners I had in the intervening years. My budget just couldn’t handle an SUV the last time around. :frowning:

I had a hatchback in high school. And yes, it was awesome. :wink:

My next car is going to be a Toyota Yaris Hatchback. I want so bad.

I LURV me a hatchback.

I had a 76 Volkswagon Rabbit 2 door hatchback. It got in the high 30s mileage wise. It wasnt that hard to take out the back seat altogether and then, boy o boy, could you pack a ton of crap in that thing.

Also have had a Mazda and AMC hatchback. Little cars capable of moving tons of stuff if need be.

I really need to get my eyes checked. I thought the thread said, “Hunchbacks are awesome.” I was hoping to see people talking about Quasimodo, Igor and Richard III.

In high school I drove my mom’s Chevy Citation. While the car wasn’t big or fast or sexy it did have one advantage: you folded down the rear seat, stretched out a blanket and you had a perfect makeout place! Ahh, memories.

Thanks to the pioneering of hatchbacks, nearly every car lets you put the back seat down now, even if it has a traditional trunk.

I had a Pinto hatchback from 1973 to 1982 or so. Much better than its rep. Very reliable, easy to work on engine, and tons of room in the back. Plus, no one tailgated. I actually sold it for a good amount when I needed a wagon for the baby.

On Frasier, when Niles was forced into near-poverty by Maris’s divorce-court maneuvers, he had to switch to an economy car. Being unfamiliar with the type of vehicle, and despondent, he kept calling it a “hunchback”.

My first car was a Toyota Celica hatchback, and I drove that thing for thirteen years. I loved it.

My first car, once I became an adult, was my mother’s hand-me-down Toyota Corolla hatchback. My second car was a Toyota Celica hatchback (man, I LOVED that car).

Third car? Honda CRX. Hatchback.

Fourth car? Chevrolet Camaro… hatchback.

Fifth car was only marginally a hatchback- it was a Chevrolet Blazer.

My current vehicle is a Honda Element, which I consider to be the pinnacle of hatchbackedness. Put the seats up, and I could *live *in that thing.

Hatchbacks freakin’ rock. I honestly don’t understand why anyone buys anything with a regular trunk.

Depending on what you want/need to move and what kind of options you want, you might do better with the Honda Fit. At the bare-bones level, the Yaris is cheaper, but by the time you get airbags and such, the Fit Sport is about the same price as a comparably-equipped Yaris and has way more flexibility with the seats. At least, that was the case 3 years ago when we were shopping.

For us, the Fit worked a lot better because of the dogs–we have 2 fairly big ones, and one has an arthritic hip. She can still jump up on stuff, but as she ages it’s going to get harder, and having that back seat space that she can step into is going to be much simpler than lifting her into the hatch or futzing around with ramps and such. Of course, being able to arrange things so that we could fit something nearly 8 feet long is awfully handy, too, as is the ability to fold the front seats back and essentially make the back seat into a pair of chaise lounges. (Most awesome drive-in experience evar.)

The very most fabulous thing about a hatchback is pulling it up to the loading dock at the lumber yard, smiling sweetly at the patronizing old men who want to know when your husband is going to meet you with a truck, and then stuffing 100 feet of concrete wire into the back and pulling off.

My second car was a 92 Toyota Celica hatchback. I moved from Florida to St. Louis for college with it stuffed full of all my crap. It served me faithfully through 2 years of high school, but I finally had to sell it to my aunt when the first kid came along - it wasn’t a very practical car with kids. (No way to put a car seat in the hard leather bucket seats in back.) Now my uncle has it, and I think he likes it more than the Audi A4 wagon my grandmother left him.

My first car was a '93 Geo Metro and I still badly miss that car. I’d love to have another. I could fit things in that car that wouldn’t have fit in an SUV. I moved 3 times using just that car. I actually wanted a '98 Accent at the time but I was only 18 and had no credit so I couldn’t get financing for it.

My second car was a crappy cavalier and every time I needed something big, I thought wistfully about my wonderful Geo Metro.

My third car, and my first brand new car was a 2008 Hyundai Accent (I fulfilled my dream). Sadly that car only lasted me 8 months thanks to the idiot in the pickup truck. But, my fiance fell in love with my Accent so when he needed a new car, he got one as well.

If I can ever afford another new car, I’ll either get an Accent, a Yaris, or a Suzuki SX4 Crossover (I want this so badly, I drool when I see one on the road).

I am seriously in love with my 2008 Honda Fit. The seats (including the front passenger seat) fold completely flat. I can fit my hypothetical surfboard into to my tiny little car!

I’ve got a 2007 Dodge Caliber, and it has been great for big hauls and driving people around. Comfortable, holds quite a bit, and the back seats are easy to change from the upright to folded down position. After having a hatchback for a year, I am not sure I could go back to having a car with a conventional trunk as my everyday vehicle.

I own a 2007 Aveo, & I love it.

Bought it used, it runs like new, & it is so handy for hauling stuff!

My daily driver is a Mazdaspeed 3. 4 doors, turbocharged engine, fast as hell, and it’s a hatchback. I can put my bikes in the back, people have hauled 52" TVs and various furniture, there is a surprising amount of space back there. When I recently had 4 new tires delivered to my house, I carried them in the hatch to the garage for mounting. And carried away the old tires to save the $5 per tire recycling fee, I can take them to the dump myself for free.