Drivers; All else being equal, would you prefer a larger car?

Assuming no penalty financially or ecologically, would you prefer a larger vehicle?

Due to the latest round of “musical cars” in our household, I’m going to have to relinquish my little Corolla and begin commuting in our big pickup. Sparing most of the details, this is to better match commute lengths to mpg ratings.

As a confirmed Bubba, I’ll admit that I enjoy sitting up high in a big vehicle, but I’ve actually grown fond of the little car and its conveniences. Parking the little car is a dream, compared to larger vehicles. And I’ve discovered how nice it is to be able to reach everything from the driver’s seat. If my book-on-cd slides to the passenger footwell, I can just lean over and grab it :stuck_out_tongue: (as opposed to getting off the road to search for errant objects in the truck).

So I guess I’m asking: Ignoring the efficiency aspect; How much does the convenience of a small car appeal to you? I’ve been surprised at how nice it is to not have to deal with so much car. Just curious about your opinions.

(I’m gonna miss my little Toyota :()

I’d love a big estate car - Ford Mondeo or similar - just so I can chuck all our luggage / camping gear etc in the back and not have to struggle with folding down seats.

We had to leave a bunch of my daughter’s xmas presents at my in-laws as we simply didn’t have room for them in the car. Plus I now work in an office with a car park, so don’t have to worry about finding a small space in town (although our driveway might struggle with a bigger car).

Nope. I prefer something small, quick, and maneuverable. Fun to drive. But a hatchback with room for the dogs is nice.

Same here.

Give me a small, nimble car with a stick shift, and I’m happy.

nope. I don’t really like big cars. I don’t have kids so I can’t act like I need a ton of room. I went from a Neon SRT to a Mustang (bigger car, except on the inside) and I can see moving from the Mustang to the upcoming Focus ST (or whatever they call it here) in a year or so.

I love my Ford Focus - big enough to fit the shopping in the boot, but small enough to easily park where bigger cars can’t.

I drive an Explorer now and I enjoy being able to see over cars. I used to drive a Mustang and it drove me nuts not being able to see what was in front of the car directly in front of me. Parking can be problematic but I learned to parallel park in a full size 1974 station wagon so I’m pretty darn good at it, if I do say so myself.

I have very poor depth perception and our minivan is about as large as I feel comfortable driving.

No. I’m thinking of going smaller for my next. Who needs to pay for the extra gas? And if I ever needed a van for moving, I’d rent one – costs me far less.

I’ve never liked big cars and have never seen any reason to get one.

I currently drive a Mazda would love to go back to a 4Runner. I had an '89 and an '98 4Runner, but had to downsize do to economic issues (couldn’t afford to replace the '98). The Mazda is fun to drive and gets decent gas milage, but it isn’t really a camping/adventuring vehicle.

I prefer driving smaller cars. Easier to reach everything, easier to park, and easier on the wallet when it comes to gas. My husband prefers land yachts, though, and when we buy a new car we have endless arguments with me wanting to go a size down and him wanting to go a size up. Then there’s sulking on both sides.

I HATE that I have to get the gas pedal built up on most cars, because I’m so short.

I’d much rather be driving the smallest stick hatchback I could find. A Focus would work well. However, fate dropped a GMC Sierra in my lap for almost zero dollars so I’m forced to go with it. I enjoy riding high and being able to haul stuff around, but I could adjust and will do so when possible. Owning two vehicles is not an option due to insurance and parking concerns.

I think that it tends to be a balancing act. My previous car was a Ford Probe and my current car is a Honda Element.

For us, the Probe was too small and now that I have a child, it would be really too small. It was frustating not being able to see around cars but it was easy to parallel park. I liked the fuel economy of it.

The Honda is a good size. We can fit a lot of stuff and the length and width of it aren’t too bad. The only issue I have with it is that I would like a middle seat and better fuel economy would be nice.

My parents came to visit and my dad rented a Dodge Charger. That was too big for where we live. It barely fit length wise in the parking spot that we had for it. It was a giant pain in the ass to parallel park and parking could be difficult to find for it.

Another visit, my dad rented a Toyota Camry. That seemed like a nice compromise. It was a decent size, and could seat four adults and a toddler relatively comfortably. The fuel economy was decent and it drove well. I was able to fit it in most parallel parking spots. The ride height of the Element was nice but I can live with out it.

I’d actually like a big vehicle (4x4 SUV) for winter and a small compact car for the rest of the year.
Manuverability, parking, acceleration, gas mileage, etc. are awesome to have most of the year.
But snow, sleet, and limited daylight are awful with a little car. I hate getting blinded by other vehicles headlights and having to ram through snow banks created by plows all winter. I need to be above traffic and able to get through the elements.

Large, low-riding, rear-wheel-drive cars are useless IMHO.

I prefer medium (a small SUV or light truck like the Frontier or Tacoma). Small enough to park comfortably most everywhere. But big enough to fit my 6’4" frame and haul significant quantities of stuff when necessary.

I want one of those stereotypical gangsta rap cars up on the big hydraulics but with a tiny car. I like smaller vehicles but I hate not being able to see anything. I really like the old, small RAV4s.

I love my tiny Saturn. I like being able to flip a bitch in a parking lot easily, make turns at greater than 5 miles an hour, and I can parallel park in a ton more places.

I’d much rather be driving a larger car, primarily for the benefit of being able to see the big picture a little better in traffic. Plus, I grew up in the big car days and I miss them. On the other hand, I do enjoy the gas mileage of my Hyundai Elantra.

I’d like to have my Buick Wildcat again, if it would run on regular gas and give me 30 mpg while doing so.

We are a suburban family of four. Our cars are a Mini Cooper Clubman and a Honda Civic. The Civic is mine and it’s brand new. Buying it caused a lot of debate in the household, because Mr. Q seemed to think that something a bit bigger would be more practical for roadtrips and the like. However, I just don’t wanna drive anything bigger than the Civic.

No. My Prius is almost too big, having gotten used to a Saturn for a long time (though it is nice being higher off the road.) If I feel like I need to drive a big car I can drive our truck - and I seldom if ever drive it unless I absolutely have to.