Do You Own a "Car?"

Last year, Ford just about got out of the car business. GM has just announced that five models of car are being discontinued. Seems all the action now are in pickup trucks, a few remaining minivans (distinguished by a flat floor) and SUVs, which seem to be everything else.

I like cars. Do you own one?

(I wanted to add a poll, but I seem to have forgotten how to do it.)

Nope. Dodge 4x4 pick-up. Two SUV’s with 4x4/AWD, snow tires and decent ground clearance (we run snow tires year round, no point in changing them). Also big enough to haul our two dogs and luggage and us. Not so much about what we like, but what we need.

I’ve got two cars, but I’m in Britain, where such things are more common.

Yes I do. All the vehicles I’ve owned have been cars, and I’ve never really considered or needed anything else.

No. I have a pickup truck and a 15-passenger van.

I owned cars exclusively until 2003, when I came home from overseas work and bought a Toyota Highlander. Have had SUV’s since (Highlander, CHevy Equinox, Dodge Durango). Can’t imagine going back to cars.

My wife does. I have a small SUV, and a pickup.

2 cars for the wife and me - both compact hatchbacks. Never owned a truck, and always preferred wagons/minivans to SUVs.

I’m all about the SUVs. One good snowbank was all it took to make me a lifelong convert. If it can’t run power to all four wheels, and lock in when one of them is spinning, I’m not interested.

Mini Cooper S. Is that a car, or only part of a car? :slight_smile:

I have a small SUV, and so does my mom. I’m kind of shocked that she picked an Escape for herself after 30 years of sedans. If my mom’s not choosing sedans anymore, then Ford is making the right call :slight_smile:

My brother and dad still drive sedans. I think my dad is starting to prefer the Escape, tho.

I have a Jeep Wrangler, which I guess is considered an SUV. My gf has a Silverado (not sure who makes those) as a “farm truck” and her daily driver is a Subaru Crosstrek which I’ve seen called a “compact SUV”.

So no, I guess we do not own a “car”. Huh.

Yes, I have a Ford Focus ST, it’s a small 5 door hatchback.

I will always want a car as a daily driver. Had a Ford Explorer for about 6 months but traded it in, I loved it for road trips but didn’t like it on back roads as a daily driver. I like vehicles that handle well and are easy to see out of.

Minivan driver here. I wish I could have a car, but I have large instruments to carry. I did just get a “new” (to me) van that drives like a car and has lots of cool features to make it more luxurious.

My wife drives a crossover. Let’s be honest- it’s just a large ugly car.

yes, Toyota Corolla.

Kia Rio

I sold my '78 Blazer last summer, so now all I have is my car, a 2011 Scion xB.

I own a 2015 Elantra. I get great gas milage, which makes it a great commuting car.

We have two cars (Prius and Outback) with no intention of getting a truck or SUV. However, my Outback is close to the “crossover” category which may be on table when it’s time to buy a new vehicle.

Hrmm, looking up sales figures the Outback is already classified as an SUV. So, we own one car and one SUV (that drives like a car).

Lots of people own cars. Between a third and a half of the top 20 best selling vehicles in the US are cars. Ford Fusion was in the Top 20 last year. The biggest problem with cars is profitability. People are willing to spend much more on SUVs than cars. Profit margins on small cars can be as little as 400 dollars. You have to move a ton of units to justify keeping those lines open when compared to SUV and crossovers where your margins can be ten times as much.

What you tend to see is that people that buy cars are more frugal consumers. That could be because they are younger or they have less discretionary income or they are looking at gas mileage and maintenance fees, regardless, they are not as willing to fork out high dollars for their vehicles. People who buy SUVs and Crossovers tend to have more income and are less discerning on price. Cars like a Hyundai Elantra cost something like 1500 dollars less per year in total costs than say a Ford Escape and 4000 less per year than say an Expedition. People who know that and get that are not people that you make a lot of money from, so the American manufacturers are cutting their losses and letting Korean and Japanese companies fight for those scraps while they try to make higher margins on more luxury vehicles.

If I had to take a guess, they’re gearing up for the Chinese Revolution. Chinese vehicles are going to explode into American markets within the next decade and they’re going to be cheaper and of surprisingly good quality. American manufacturers likely want to position themselves as upscale manufacturers and so they are shedding low-margin, bottom-end vehicles. I think that the South Korean brands are going to be the ones to suffer most and I look for there to be a real cut-throat fight to capture that low-end market and it’s a fight that the Big 3 don’t want to be in. Don’t be surprised if you see 10 thousand dollar Geely’s or GACs on the market within a decade and honestly I’d expect them sooner.