Hating MSN

Ok, ok, I understand this is where the less pungent rants go nowadays.

I’ve been experiencing problems with my email. I use Outlook Express. It was finally determined, and confirmed with a call to MSN support that their SMTP server “is experiencing problems” but “it should be back up tomorrow”(that’s Sunday 7/24)

Of course it wasn’t, and is still down. So I call again, and get passed between two women with strange accents who tell me “our techs are working diligently to correct the problems” and “I have no knowledge of when the server will be up again”

And it is to laugh to expect them to prorate my service. I asked one of the gals about that, stating I wasn’t getting all I was paying for. She told me she had no authority to deal with that, please contact Billing.

Look, I know that systems can have difficulties, but that server has “been experiencing difficulties” for five days now. I have some emails I want to send. And of course I know I could send from somewhere else, and pretty soon I’ll have to. But damn, I’m still pissed, and will stay that way for a while.

[Lily Tomlin] We’re the phone company, we don’t have to care[/Lily Tomlin]

Grumble, grumble.

Fixed yet?

Sympathy. I’ve pretty much given up on MSN. Not that it will help with your problem, but if you would like a Gmail account, mail me via the board. :slight_smile: