Havarti Cheese - what shall I do with it?

I bought too much sliced havarti at the deli. It’s lovely - creamy, delicious - but other than adding it to cold sandwiches or using it for a hot grilled cheese, I’m stumped. Are you more creative than I am? Can you tell me what I should do with it? (Thanks!)

Stuff it inside a large, peeled, shrimp/prawn, wrap it up in bacon, and grill it on the barbie.

It makes a great topping for baked french onion soup.

Oh, good grief. GQ is one thing, but even in Cafe Society, QtheM has the best/most correct answer? You, sir, are some sort of question-answering god among mortals… :wink:

Grocery list: lotsa onions. Check.

Anyone else?

Wow, need a room?


How much did you buy?

Won’t it will keep for weeks refrigerated?

I could go through several pounds in 1-2 months no problemmo.

Irratiates the bejeezus out of me it has gotten so expensive.

I also think they have been adding more salt than they used to.
I like salty food, and am not paranoid about the health effects,
but even I can get too much of the stuff.

‘How to tell you’re on someone’s Ignore list.’


Thanks. :wink:

Here’s my baked french onion soup recipe of the gods. If you make your own beef & chicken stock, it’ll be even better.

And I note I used gruyere there, but havarti has also worked out so nice.

I think I remember someone telling me they stuffed some of the refrigerated bread dough with Havarti and baked them for a delicious cheese puff thingy.

It is amazing in a croissant. Microwave for 20 or 30 seconds for melty, buttery goodness.

In a panini with red onion and green apple slices.

All you need is a good loaf of bread and butter. I could live off bread and butter with a nice thick topping of Havarti. Oh, man.

Make scrambled eggs with it. Goes awesome with dill.

Or inside a jalapeno.

Try making mac and cheese with the havarti cheese. Or use it with chicken, onion, green peppers, sun dried tomatoes in a quesadilla. MMmm

I like to just slice it up and make a little plate with other yummies, like crackers, pickles, olives, sliced tomatoes, and the like. Makes a good small meal.

Try using it in omelettes.

I like thin slices of pear with it

Love Havarti - closest thing I can find to Tilsiter here in the US, at least here in my Vegas neigborhood.

Have you ever had what Germans call “Toast Hawaii”?
One slice of toast bread, place slice of ham on it, put pineapple ring on ham, then put one slice of cheese (Havarti a good choice) to cover all, and then put in broiler until cheese melts and turns slightly brown. Nice, quick snack for dinner or lunch…

where did you buy Havarti? I prefer to use havarti to make homemade cheese sticks, then put them on a sandwhich and melt some over the top. MMMmmmm