Am I the only person who likes this?

Ok, lovely nice peice of multigrain bread.

Layer of butter.

Thin even layer of dijon mustard.

Slice of havarti cheese.

Ahhhh - heaven.

Is this odd, or do other people like it? My roommate always looks at me like I’ve got two heads and mutters about mustard sandwiches.

Maybe not the only one of 6 or so billion of us, but definately not to my taste.
I prefer peanut butter and BBQ chips (crisps?).

Well, I never tried it, but it sounds damn good, so I might just have to and get back to you on that.

Actually, I used to love a sandwich of ketchup and catalina salad dressing. So there. Now, don’t you feel normal?

Peanut butter and sweet pickle chips (well-drained) on wheat.

freaks, you are all freaks!!!

hmmm Grahm cracker, peanut butter and processed american cheese singles…

food for the GODS!

Sounds really good actually.

Sounds delicious, though I don’t know havarti cheese - please give me the provenance.

Oh my GOD!

Raw grilled cheese! You’re gonna make yourself sick!

[Homer Simpson]
“Danish Havarti…aaaaagrgrggg” <drooling>
[/Homer Simpson]

My wife loves bacon sandwiches on toast with mayo, which I find a bit nauseating. Chacun a son gout and all that.


Also try dill havarti. It’s my brother’s favorite. I enjoy it also, although personally I prefer harder cheeses like Jarlsberg, or softer ones like Brie. Mmm…cheese!

alice, your sandwich sounds perfectly yummy to me.

Mmmm… bacon…

Your sandwich doesn’t sound gross or anything, I might eat it. But it sounds rather skimpy. There should be turkey on it too or something. I like havarti cheese, but not that much.

I’ve drifted away from it over the years, but my childhood favorite was:

two slices bread
Yeah, that’s it.

I know we’re talking sandwiches, but I have a couple other weird ones to share:

Popcorn with Worcestershire sauce

French fries with catsup and Tabasco sauce

Bologna and butter on Wonder

Bologna, peanut butter and mustard on Wonder

El Yummo.

That’s the one. Can I have it on Wonder Bread Please?


Alice, add some very ripe sliced tomato. Yumm.

MMM! Mustard!

Peanut Butter is the devil’s work.

Okay, for weird, how about mashed potatoes with French Dressing? That was another childhood favorite.

Chrome, who eats a little bit better now.

Is that the standard yellow Dijon mustard or the yummy whole grain dark Dijon mustard?

Two slices bread, lightly toasted
1-2 slices of cheese
Thin layer of mustard one side
Thin layer of mayo on the other
3 slices of the made-for-sandwich-pickles

Build and eat.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue: