Have a Whopper with Bacon

1,050 slices of Bacon, that is.

How exceedingly Japanese.

I refuse to say that was too much bacon, but I will say there was probably not enough bun and condiments.

My husband asked me, “What is that, seaweed?” :confused:

I’m mostly impressed that the thing actually stayed together, even after being transported.

Am I the only one who was hoping that “1050 slices” was a copy-paste typo from scientific notation?

And really, what’s the point of the bun, beef patty, and toppings with something like that?

That doesn’t look like anywhere near 1000 slices of bacon to me.

Japan. Producing 78% of the world’s weird shit since 1952.

even as fat as we are, I don’t think there’s a BK in the United States that would actually put that together for anyone.

From the references I have found, regular sliced bacon averages 16-20 slices per pound, so at 18 slices per pound, a thousand slices would weigh 55 pounds before cooking. Even with the weight loss after cooking, no way is that the result of 55 pounds of bacon. No way.

to be fair, the bacon strips I’ve seen most burger joints use are rather significantly smaller than what one might consider a “regular” bacon strip.

like smaller than half the size.

Let’s do some math here…

Googling brings out a variety of answers, but it’s not a bad guess to say that a strip of cooked bacon weighs 0.3 oz.

This story says:

2.7 kilograms = 5.95248108 pounds = 95.2396973 ounces. Divide that by 1050 = .0907044 ounces per slice.

.09 is a hell of a lot less than 0.3. There’s no way that sandwich has 1,050 slices of bacon on it.

So you’ve been presented with about six pounds of cooked bacon and you find it… inadequate?

On the other hand the alternative is to stipulate that the Japanese can’t count…

Stereotypes collide!