Have any Dopers been with a prostitute?

We have a pretty divers group, both geographically and socially here on the SDMB and I was curious if any of the members here had actually done this thing? Legal or otherwise? Any any all (non explicit) details would be interesting, things like “where, how much for what, how was it negotiated, was it creepy, more than once, did you feel weird before or after, etc?”.

The reason I was curious is that I just got an E-Mail from an old ex-friend (he wants to be friends again. not going to happen), who when we were both at Cannabis Cup 96’ visited a brothel while I did not. I asked him about it and he gave me his deets and seemed amused at how shocked I was by his doing so, (he used to unfairly refer to me as the “King of the One Night Stand”, which I was not. It was just that no one wanted a repeat performance. ha ha ha. No, really.) as well as by the way he spoke openly of this with girls he was interested in.

I don’t consider myself a prude at all and in fact have a couple of friends who are active in COYOTE (a SF based sex worker’s union), but for some reason I still find it shocking and fascinating that someone would go and buy sex like it was a beer or a pack of smokes.

I used to live in Streatham, South London which was notorious for its TJ’s (TJ Hooker?), and my flat was right on the corner where a group of scantily clad ladies used to hang out. Every evening on my way to the flat from work or from the pub, I was aproached by one or two of them, asking if I was looking for business.
You’d have thought that after 6 months, they might have got the picture that I actually lived there…

However, there was eventually one time when one of them, a pleasantly manner blonde named Denise offered me her services and I just let everything go. £40 for a good seeing to, she offered.

She was wearing a suede mini skirt, knee high boots with about 4 inch heels, a figure hugging top which showed a well endowed cleavage ( but she had a very slender waiste).

She came up, gave me a massage, slowly stripped, and… er… well… I better stop before I get censored…

But afterwards I felt guilty, emabarrassed every time I saw her, or if I was with friends and she might come and say something… To be honest, although I was pampered to the extreme, I didn’t enjoy it, due I guess to the guilt and or fear of getting caught.

Hey, the only difference between sex for money and sex for “free” is that the sex for money tends to be cheaper :).

Personally, I’ve never been to see a “sex professional” as I’m living on the college student budget myself ;). I doubt that anyone would admit to being with one either since there would be a clear stigmatization involved…then again, people admit to doing drugs on here all the time so we can never know for sure!

Seems to me that a porno, a bottle of hand lotion, and a box of tissues would be a cheaper and safer way of dealing with “frustration” :slight_smile:

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Answer to the OP: no (well, except for… uh, nevermind!)

BUT: I did go to Thailand last year for a vacation with a buddy of mine (BTW: everything that you hear about Bangkok is true :eek: )… buddy and I decided one evening to go check out one of the infamous sex clubs (how can a hetero male NOT check one out in Bangkok?). We walked to the Patpong district, and selected a club… called, IIRC “P***y a Go-Go,” we walked in. BAD IDEA!! Ya see, it was about 8:30 PM, and things hadn’t really gotten rolling there at such an early time…

Picture this: buddy and I (both raging pervs, who are in committed relationships, and trying to stay faithful)are in a club with about 100 prostitutes (all hotties, all Asian, and buddy and I both have an Asian-girl fetish)… and NO (IE: zero) other males!! We are immediately surrounded…

We are lead over to a bench along the wall by a giggling mass of bar-girls, and asked if we would like a drink. We sit down about 6 feet apart, and the space between us is immediately filled with scantily-clad women. At this point, what happens to my friend is lost to me… I have a girl sitting on my left, on my right, and 2 kneeling at my feet. Girl on my left begins to fondle my crotch… girl on my right lifts up her shirt (no bra), and grabs my hand, which she places on her mammary gland…

Now, Astro fancies himself a sophisticated, man-of-the-world type, but I still embarrass easily… I am bright-red at this point! And in a kind of daze (after all, this is every sexual fantasy I have ever had rolled into one, intense, experience!).

The next few minutes are a blur… I remember:

  1. Quickly fumbling with the breast in my hand, and then pulling my hand back in embarrassment (how’s this for logic? I didn’t want to insult her by pulling my hand away too quickly!!)
  2. Buying a lot of “lady drinks”!!
  3. Hi Opal! (please don’t read this! I’m so ashamed!)
  4. Talking with the girl on my right, with her breasts exposed, and trying hard! not to stare! (she was from the Philippines … :confused: )
  5. taking a few pulls from a Singha beer, and parting with a rather large sum of money for the beer and the “lady drinks”
  6. lying, several times, and telling the girls that I was married and had children (covering for myself? Probably…)
  7. the girl on my right saying “How about you and me, and three or four of the other girls, going into the back?” She smiled at me sexily, and continued, “We’d have a really fun time!!”

Astro’s sex fantasy bubble suddenly burst…

I tried, for a second, to picture myself and 4 or 5 of these girls in a huge bed… and laughed out loud!!!

Buddy looked to see what I was laughing about, the girls recoiled a bit, and I said “It wouldn’t be a very LONG fun time!!!” (frankly, I doubt I’d last until we had reached the room… :frowning: )

Buddy and I met eyes through the crowd of girls, and I said, “Dude! Let’s get outta here!” He nodded, and we bulled our way through the crowd of sexy wimmins (ignoring the “Hey! What about me?”'s) and found our way to the exit…

We went to McDonalds… not far from Patpong… and silently ate hamburgers while we contemplated…


Sometimes I wonder “What if…”, but all-in-all, I’m glad the profound ridiculousity of the situation hit me when it did… I am able to look my fiancee in the eyes, and know that I had a chance to fulfill a very serious sexual fantasy… and I chose to be faithful to my fiancee!

I’m kinda proud of this…

Gives me something to think about in the shower, though…

Astro has to go take ANOTHER shower now…

When I was younger, I had sex with girls who wanted to have sex with me, but I was less than an eager participant. It was marginally better than masturbation. So, when now my aged acquintances invite me to seedy places to share time, I decline: I remember how boring it was when I was half the age, so to pay money for it? (I can easily afford it now).


Yes, I’ve slept with a prostitute.
Yes, it was legal.
Prague, a “full service massage” (their term, not mine), equivalent of $75.
It was negotiated by my walking into the brothel, having the madame explain the services offered, and then choosing which one of the two girls on duty at the time I preferred.
Kind of creepy.
No, just the once. I wouldn’t do it again.
Felt nervous before, like I did when I first lost my virginity, and a little weird after (“Did I really just do that?!?!”).
It was strange equating what was essentially a mindless one-night stand (at 2pm in the afternoon…) with a business transaction.

As for why? I was doing research (no, really!) for a novel I was writing at the time about a prostitute in Prague. Also, it was my birthday that day and I deserved a present, dammit! :o

Monfort, I am curious: you spent $75 and call it “a present”?
The industry has an expression “free gift”. Whatever it means, it’s better.


Y’know, I feel strangely comforted by the fact that Montfort and I have had similar experiences.

I went to a “massage parlor” in Iowa City once, about ten years ago. I’d just gotten the biggest tax refund check of my life (and still to date, as I recall) - some $600. Being 20 and full of vim and vigor, I figured this might be a good way to blow a large portion of the proceedings. It was pretty much closing time when I got there so I didn’t get the 2-girl option that I’d wanted; overall it wasn’t the most memorable lay I’ve ever had. Didn’t feel too creepy about it since it was the middle of a dry spell, but I’ve never had the active desire to repeat the experience.

Now if I were in Patpong, however… I don’t think I’d have as much resolve as Astroboy over there. Something tells me I’d have a large doctor bill, however.

Some, though, not all. :wink:

And, peace: it was a gift from myself to myself. Occaisionally, they cost money.

Anyway, I went back and looked at my journal from then. It wasn’t $75, it was about $55-60.

Sorry Montfort, I could not resist: considering inflation, it would be ~$75 now!

Actually, the Czech koruna has plummeted, so it’d be about $40 now.

You went to Thailand and ate at McDonalds??? What were you thinking??? :slight_smile:

Off to IMHO.

Yes what were you thinking. I ate in the KFC across the road. micilin another poster wouldn’t go into P***y a Go-Go with me :frowning:

“someone would go and buy sex like it was a beer or a pack of smokes.”

You mean like a case at a time or 20 at a time?

Montfort, so you slept with a prostitute? Well, did you have sex too?

Just in case my ego wasn’t already largely overinflated, I had the opportunity to be a prostitute, albeit a male one. And I took it. $40 in, uh, 1992? Maybe '91.

For the curious:

  1. I didn’t feel ashamed. Hell, I got to have sex AND get money out of it!
  2. I did feel strange, but only as strange as any other first-time experience.
  3. It wasn’t a stranger.
  4. She became a stranger after the act, largely because her hopes were, contrary to what it might seem, to “get” me to go out with her. I even made it clear at the outset that this was NOT related to that in any way, but was in fact merely a business transaction. She said she agreed and knew it, it wouldn’t change anything, etc. Oh, well.

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet a prostitute, but I think I’d take her up on it just to see what it was like. I admit that sex-as-a-business-transaction sounds a little strange, but no stranger than buying pornography and, uh, using it. :smiley:

I’ve known three people personally who have had relations with a prostitute. Massage parlor, $80 for a hand job. BS IMO, but he payed anyway. Project whores: $5 for a blow job and $15 for sex. WAY too cheap, methinks. But they all agreed it was worth doing(the johns, that is). Two of the three would do it again, and for all I know have.

One time, when I was in Leiden Holland, I considered it. Then I realized that I would probably feel pretty hollow about it after the fact, much as I did when I consented to one-night stands in the past. Body parts are just a small part of sexiness. I like to know the folks I’m having sex with.

If I had gone through with it, I would’ve been bummed that I couldn’t call the woman the next day. :slight_smile:

Yes, and all three of us had a lot of fun.:smiley:

Dude, there are some lines even I won’t touch.