Have any internet pedoophiles met REAL children?

Or is every supposed kid really a cop or some other adult jerking the guy’s chain because it looks like so doggone much fun? Or are some people’s kids really stupid and needy enough to actually meet one of these guys?

      • Staring into the abyss, are we?
  • A search of any big-city newspaper electronic archives for the words “internet” and “statutory rape” should bring up lots of instances of someone who met a real child, at least once.
  • And don’t ask me how stupid kids can be…

I’ve seen items in the newspaper about young teen girls getting into relationships with adult men. Sure messes up their lives. With some time on Google, one should be able to find some cites.

The short answer is yes:mad:

Still, considering how many “kids” are cops, based on the news stories (considering how the newspeople love both stories equally), the odds do not look like they would favor the pervs.

The degree to which those relationships ACTUALLY “mess up their lives,” versus how much of that is Chicken Little falling sky on the part of newspeople and interested organizations, is probably a subject for another forum.

Well, there’s no shortage of pedos on the internet.

If you want to be really creeped out, check this site:

A local 12YO girl last year took off with an adult man she met over the Internet. He took her to another state and had sex with her. He was apprehended fairly quickly - in a matter of days.

I say she “took off” with him because she bought her own bus ticket and went to another city in this state to meet him, and then he took her from there.

WOH! What a crazy site, MrSarcasticus! I think I might give some of those guys a call when I’m bored and feel like messing with people!

… gotta go make sure my screenname isn’t on there somewhere.

Start here:

And yes, it gets worse.

Ye gods… I don’t have the words for how reprehensible that is. Just when you think it’s safe to get a little faith in mankind, you dig up sites like the Perverted Justice.

There is a chat channel on a certain p2p openly devoted to child porn.
I used to get a kick out of going in saying i was FBI and posting IP addresses.
I kinda wonder if there were actual LEA in the channel,and if i am mentioned in a file somewhere :D.

I thought I was jaded. I thought I had seen it all. The most bizarre/twisted thing I had seen so far on the net was a site that deals with clown sex. But thanks to you ** MrSarcasticus ** I can say that I’m now officially creeped out! I think its going to take a lot of clorox to get that out of my brain.

It happened in community near me. In fact, the guy was using library computers at my library and several others but they started tracing him from another library. The librarians noticed him looking up kiddie porn and notified the authorities. The FBI stepped in quickly, began tracing his stops on the Internet and discovered that he was communicating with a girl in a nearby town in Massachusetts. They took over the communication and set up a sting to catch him. He’s in jail now, fortunately, but it’s scary when something like this happens in your own home town.

Another data point: Christina Long, a Connecticut 13-yo, met and had sex with two adult men she met over the Internet, and was strangled to death by one of them. Cite

I’d say that was at least one life actually messed up. But I can’t generalize based on this one case. Also, I don’t have any data about how many pedophiles meet real kids vs. how many are caught in “stings”. The web-available data for the left side of that comparison seems to be mostly estimates. But as the OP asked for “any” such meetings, I thought I’d post one local example.

My WAG is that the incidence of child procurement via The Internet is overstated by some groups, if only because there is always some group which can be counted on to overstate the seriousness and extent of a problem.

Nevertheless, one should take no comfort from the fact that news stories generally focus on people who learned that an ll-year-old girl was, in fact, an FBI agent. This is simply the nature of the news, and of crime. Similarly, one reads about burglars when they get caught in the act. You generally don’t read accounts of the dozens of burglaries they had already committed successfully.

Ah, but the burglary of somebody else’s home, especially when it is miles away from yours, is inherently uninteresting while

Child Sex on the Internet!

(exagerated in honor of the November sweeps) is a natural for the news business to glom onto whenever they have a chance and we would hear about every last one of them and maybe some that didn’t actually happen but the reporter read about in Ann Landers or some email my SIL forwarded. So, is it safe to say that, as these reports equal or are even fewer than the reports of stings, thanks to the vigilance of the police, librarians (Jebus-H-Keerist, how dumb does somebody have to be to troll on a public computer?), and citizens who like to jerk the chains of creepy people, the odds against the pervs seem really, really bad?

Which, speaking as a father and contrary to what DougC might think is my opinion ;), is a good thing.