Two internet groomers meeting up?

A bizzare thought occured to me reading this thread

Do you think two sweaty middle aged men have ever ended up meeting each other under, both under the pretense of being naive teenagers who should know better than give out personal info?

Of course, there’ll be no documented cases for obvious reasons.

I wouldn’t have thought too many kids are ill-informed or stupid enough to meet up with someone from a chatroom any more (but I’m sure I’ll be surprised), and the bulk of avatars that will agree to meet up are most likely other sickos. I just think it’d be beautiful irony (note: not justice, I think such types should have far worse punishment) if every time aging perverts try to arrange a play-date with teens, they keep finding each other.

*Two men sitting on a park bench:

Man 1: “So…are you cutegirl1989?”
Man 2: “Yeah, take it you’re miss_sunshine2000”
Man 1: “Fuck”
Man 2: “Maybe we should just cut this shit out and take ourselves away from society?”*

And both of them are undercover policemen looking to trap a paedo!

Yeah that’s the one I’m waiting for. Where two police agencys have set up sting operations and one “busts” the other one. Heh, “Shit, it’s the cops.” “Waitta minute, we’re cops too!”

I’ve seen references to websites where “sweaty middle aged men” try to meet other “sweaty middle aged men” by pretending to be young teens looking to meet “sweaty middle aged men” just to mess with said mens’ heads; or to catch them being “sweaty middle aged men” trying to meet young teens.

So, yeah…

:smiley: Hey, that was an episode of Night Court (except it was for crooked lawyers, not perverts)

  • “Stop, no, I said we’re the FEDS, not the PEDS!”
    - “Whaddya mean, Feds? WE’RE the Feds”
  • “What?”
    - “Postal Inspectors!”
  • “I.C.E.!”
    - “Oh, Jesus on a rollerskate!”
  • "Man, oh, man I can just hear the boss: ‘heckuva job, guys…’ "
    - “Thanks for not shooting first when you saw we were packing.”
  • “Hey, we only shoot first if you’re some weird cult out in the woods.”
    -“Well, that’s reassuring…”
    -“Dude, we’re gonna be doing graveyard shifts at Gitmo, ain’t we…”

Heck, I woudn’t think too many *pervies * would be stupid enough any more to go meet up some “kid” they talked up in a chatroom… yet that NBC show about “catching predators” keeps going strong and sometimes the guy who gets nailed even says “yeah, I’ve watched your show before, I never thought I’d be in it!” :smack: :smack: :smack:

Shoot, the last one of those I saw nailed a guy that not only had seen the show before, but got CAUGHT on the show before.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Well, there was this story
in the paper this morning…two 40 year olds both pretending to be 18.