Have fun storming the castle!

So some fine folks over in the UK are selling a full size replica Roman siege catapult that has only fired a few times. For the meager price of £25,000.00. searches couch for change

NB: People who might be so inclined to purchase it for the purposes of storming the neighbour’s castle are invited to peruse the history of weaponry from Roman times to the present and then rethink their military strategy.

Full size replica Roman siege catapult

There’s a link in the ad to the mfr’s website, apparently they built it for a TV show in 2002, which sounds really neat. Did anyone over there see it when it went up the first time?

And who exactly is the one in Gloucestershire that the Q&A is referring to, and are they related to Voldemort? :dubious: :smiley:

I know what someone’s getting for christmas!

The ad says that it will never fire again. Who’s gonna pay £25K for that?

If I recall, there’s a guy out on the US west coast, Matt Roloff who built a trebuchet that fires pumpkins, and it’s actually in working order. Think I’d rather have that. If noting else, I could grow my own ammunition.

The fact the guy who built it is a dwarf, who fires pumpkins from a medieval siege engine, adds a certain hilarity to it that was probably unintentional

If you’re interested, search Youtube for Building the Impossible and you can watch that show online (in five parts).