I have purchased a catapult.

More specifically, a Mangonel .

I will keep folks posted on how the hurling goes. See what happens when you join the SCA?

Did you get a model or the real thing?

I’m jealous…

How big is it? How large are the objects it can throw? How far do they go?

Woo-hoo! Jealousy indeed. When does the seige begin? I’ll bring the grog!

(Incidently, this is my first post as member. Which seems handy, as now you have a catapault for the re-location of any goats which may be required.)

Welcome to membership, WhyNot!

Boy, False_God, when I was in the SCA back in the late 70s, we didn’t have mangonels! Do you use them at wars? Or are you just planning to lay siege to your neighbors?

Sweet! For years I’ve been thinking about making a portable siege engine for use in the SCA. Oy!, they’re used at big events like Gulf Wars and Pennsic; trebuchets, mangonels, ballista, battering rams… fun stuff!

Ah, I never got to any of the big wars. Only the local ones. At the time I was living in Caid, and went to one in the San Bernadino Mtns and one in Fresno (got a hell of a sunburn with an Elizabethan neckline at that one! Still have the freckles over 20 years later!).

Good times…

A catapult? Cool!

So how many cats is it designed to throw?

So when will you be tossing the piano? And can I watch? :slight_smile:

Sixteen inches long, twelve inches high, eight inches wide.

I live in Sri Lanka, you get bored easily here, and we have a lot of tropical fruit that goes bad quickly, hence the need for a catapult. I got 50 steel spheres with it, and my knight and I are planning to see how quickly we can crack his back retaining wall.

Not for use in combat, unless I can get a wavier from the provost marshal, and then they’d want it loaded with tennis balls or Nerf.

I would like, however, to point out that on the same site you can get a War Wolf model that stands over 5’ high, and could probably chuck a toilet, or two cinderblocks, etc about 200-300 yards at velocity. The wife won’t let me get that.

That reminds me. I must get down to the beach with my recently re-surfaced Black Widow (a hand catapult). I wonder if it’s legal here.

Now you’ve done it! Fireman saw the pictures and wants one… badly. And badly describes all possible outcomes if he had one.
He also wants a “Punkin” cannon. (sigh)
At least it doesn’t blow anything up. (sigh)

No clue where I saw it on the internet-a fellow made a bowling ball cannon from a length of pipe. He’d pick up bowling balls at yard sales and when a batch was had, he’d take the cannon out to the local rifle range for a go. If memory serves, the standard load was several ounces of powder, delivering a healthy KFB! :eek: :cool: For now, I have to be satisfied with my spudgun.

Liquid nitrogen, a 3 liter bottle, 2.5 liters of water, a lengh of copper pipe, and a bowling ball… :smiley: Man I loved college

ME Want Siege Engine!

that’s pretty cool, i may have to order one, in fact, i was looking at the really small “desktop” models thinking “that would be great for flinging paintballs”…

so here’s an idea, a really juvenile one for the kid in all of us…

a minimum of 2 players is required, but there’s no upper limit…

get a set of goggles (safety first!), a bucket of plastic army men, the miniature siege engine of your choice (i’ve always been partial to hanging basket Trebuchets) and some paintballs (different color for each player, each turn, one player selects an opposing army and fires, trying to knock out as many of the opposing players army as possible, the winner is the last one standing…


armies must move as a group formation, no splitting them up
any army men hit by the paintball directly are out as are ones in the initial impact area
if a siege engine is hit by a paintball directly, it’s out and that player is eliminated

here’s another, crazier idea, Siege-Chess…

each player takes their chess pieces, sets them up in front of their siege engine, and launches paintballs at the opponents chess pieces, pieces hit by the paintball are out, taking out the king automatically wins the game

or if you’re more evil, use the siege engine to fling pawns at your opponent :wink:

We had a homemade trebuchet at a private event. It added a bit of excitement to “Spear the Beer”.

Ah. Re-read your post and saw the “20 years later…” bit. There are several large wars in the Caid area now (Great Western War being the main one). If you’re still interested, you just missed a fairly big event near you; it’s called “Pennsic.”

Re: The model siege weapons. They fire marshmallows. Big whoop. Friend of mine made a 1/2 size roman siege weapon. It’ll throw a shot put 200 yards.

The Devil’s Grandfather and I went to Wales last year. If you go, you must visit Caerphilly Castle We weren’t allowed to fire the weapons or anything, but it was quite cool to be able to see them.

Thanks to a change in landscaping this year, my Keep will have an unusable window that’ll be a perfect place to park a mini-mangonel. And peanuts is the heaviest ammo I’d want to use anyway - the falling walnuts are dangerous enough!