Have I failed to spot something obvious or is this new?

Either I’ve been completely oblivious on a kewl feature, or you’ve added a kewl new feature and someone needs to be congratulated for it.

On the main page ( http://boards.straightdope.com ) the bar at the bottom that tells me

is cooler than words. It’s scratching an itch I didn’t know I had.

But if it’s always been there, I’m gonna be embarrassed.


I think it’s a new one. It has appeared after last weekend’s maintenance.

I like it too.

A lot.

Just a question though, “Guests” are what exactly, unlogged Dopers, lurkers or what ?

“Guests” are probably unregistered lurkers, although there seem to be a lot less of them than I thought. In fact the whole community seems smaller than what I imagined, but I like that. Much homier.

Thank you Myrnalene.


If you scroll up a little bit in Cajun Man’s link, you’ll find UncleBeer’s post about the feature:

The view has been modified to show only totals, not names.

your humble TubaDiva

And if the version of vB here has the same features as we are running over at MousePlanet, then not only can it tell us how many people are currently here but also what the all time maximum was.

Probably a good thing that option is turned off or we would have people trying to arrange record breaking numbers.

Personally, I only noticed it due to the hyper-intelligent shade of blue that was used.

You mean, as opposed to the dumb-as-a-bag-of-rocks shade of blue that’s used as the logo background?

I believe that when the SDMB made the Great Change from ubb to vBulletin, they turned on the option of showing which users were logged on. It only lasted for a day or so, because some users expressed concerns about their privacy.

If anyone didn’t want to have thier name displayed, they could select ‘invisible mode’ in thier user profile.

[sub]Whoa, deja vu[[/sub]