Have I posted?

When visiting a thread that may have been inactive for a while and you cannot recall if you’ve already posted in that thread, is there any way to tell other than to go through all of your own posts, one by one?

Click the magnifying glass at the top to search, type your username, and check the “Search this topic” checkbox. If you don’t get any results, you haven’t posted. If you do, you will have to check if they are your posts or somebody posting about you.

Put an ‘@’ in front of your username, and the search will return only posts by you, not anything with your name.

Nice. My username popped up as a search result though, and I had to click on it to see the posts.

Also the frequent poster tool at the bottom of the OP can help. The down carrot shows the most frequent posters (as avatars) in a thread. If it isn’t a large thread it shows all of them.