Have Stein - Will Travel

I sure do like my beer. Good beer. Not that stuff you buy for $7.99 a case either. My everyday beer is Sam Adams Lager with an occasional detour into imported or another microbrew. However, my all time favorite glass of suds is Redhook Double Black Stout. This stuff is magnificent! It’s made with Starbucks coffee! You can drink it for breakfast.*
The problem is - I can’t find it anymore! I used to find it in the local Chicago area Jewel/Osco stores but they no longer carry it. Anybody know where I can find my favorite brew on the North/Northwest side or suburbs?
Should that request come up dry (pun definitely intended) how about Sam Adams Cream Stout, my second choice in the fuller bodied ales category. Can’t find that either. :frowning:

  • Cheers episode:

Dianne: “Norm, do you suffer from alcoholsm?”

Norm: “No. Actually I kind of enjoy it”

My Espresso/Oatmeal/Milk Stout won Best of Show at a state* homebrewer’s fest a few years back. I call it my “Complete Breakfast in a Bottle.” :wink:

*OK, it’s Wyoming, and there were only 40 entries. But still

I love the Redhook Double Black, and their Blackhook porter as well. Sam Adams Cream Stout is OK, but as you note, a definite second-choice.

That said, I’m unable to help you in your hunt, but I do wish you good luck!