Have these slices of turkey been spoiled? (Need answer fast)

Stupid question and I’m almost ashamed to have to ask it here, but this is the situation. At about 9:30 PM I bought a half-pound of Boar’s Head cracked-pepper turkey slices, among many other things. I put them down on the counter in the plastic bag, ate a few pieces right out of the bag while cooking dinner (out of other ingredients,) and then sealed the zip-loc bag shut. I forgot to put the sealed back back in the fridge. I went out at about 10:30 and just got back at a little before 2 AM. I noticed the turkey slices in the bag still sitting there, and I promptly put them in the refrigerator.

Should I just throw them away? Are they no longer fit to eat?

4.5 hours sitting on a counter, but in a sealed bag. I’d say they’d still be good. *

  • IANA food health scientist

Smell them. If they smell rank or nasty, toss. If not, you’re safe. I’ll venture that your turkey is just fine though.

I ate it up about an hour ago and I feel fine.