Have you accepted the Kroger credit card?

I originally threw out the application for Kroger credit card.

They called today and I applied after I asked questions. I confirmed there’s no annual fee and no interest if paid in full every month. Otherwise it’s 17.6% APR. They offer cash back and transfers from other cards. I would NEVER transfer any balance from another card. No way, no how.

I would only use it at Kroger and always pay the balance every month.

What’s interesting is it links with the Kroger loyalty card that I already have. Earning additional fuel points at the Kroger pumps and discounts on food.

I don’t see a down side? Do you?

I only carry one credit card and one debit card. I normally buy groceries with my debit card. Now I will buy all groceries with the Kroger cc and pay the balance every month.

I buy for two households. Mine and my mom. She’s no longer physically able to shop. I earn a lot of points on my Kroger loyalty card already.

Is this a safe option and a good idea?

Also, my mom’s house is 28 miles away. 56 round trip. I visit her her two or three times a week

I fill up at Kroger every week. Fuel points & discounts definitely help.

I got one, and love it. I get around $80 cash back every quarter, and save an additional $35 on gas every month. $420 a year! No fees, no interest (I pay it off every month). No down side.

Kroger is the only store around, so it get used a lot.

RE: the fuel points. You need to actively manage these. You can accumulate up to a $1.05 discount per gallon in a single purchase up to 35 gallons. So, we have to “double stack” at the pumps now and then, or I have to fill some cans to use the whole 35 gallons. This is not a problem, as I can-fuel the Jeep (off-road only and don’t drive it to the station), and have lots of yard stuff that needs gas.

The points are good for a calendar month, and expire, so you need to keep an eye on them. But some months I can “double-dip” and save $35 two times in a month. Good savings!

What is the rate for cash back?

Sounds like the credit card is really worth checking into.

A nice trick my friend uses is that she buys Kroger gift cards and then does her shopping with them. She gets points for buying the cards and then more points for using them. Win/win.

We mainly shop at Safeway, which is a part of Kroger, too. Since we don’t have a car, I use my sister’s phone number when checking out so she can use the points to gas up for her long commute.

I think they said 17.6% APR for cash back. I guess that applies when you get money back? You can’t avoid that fee?

I’ll get cash at my ATM with my debit card.

Here’s the details of the program.

Judging from the web site, you get 1% on Kroger non-gas purchases, 1.5% on Kroger own-brand merchandise, and 0.5% on all other purchases. Plus, for the first year, you get 25 cents per gallon on Kroger gas and 5 cents per gallon after the first year. (Each “point” is worth half a cent.)

Frankly, I would spend just enough to get the signup bonus ($100 bonus on $200 in net purchases in the first 40 days) and then use it just for Kroger gas after that.

The Citi Double Cash Back card gives you a 2% rebate on everything, including Kroger purchases. Also no annual fee and no interest if the balance is paid in full within 23 days.


Safeway is part of Albertson’s. AFAIK, there is no connection between Kroger and Safeway.

I’m not sure you are answering the right question. Might be a “cash back” vs “cash advance” confusion.

For “Cash Back”, or “Rewards” as I understand them, you get 1 point ($1 = 1 point) for Kroger Band purchases, 2 for something else (maybe gas?) … 3 for blah, blah. Don’t know off hand the point = cash exchange, but I’ll estimate about a cent and a half? (They recently increased it!)

I use this card for everything, and pay it off every month. So the rewards pile up pretty quick. Like I say, I get about $80 a quarter.

As far as getting cash against the credit limit, no idea. Never done that.

The 17% would be the interest rate on outstanding balance and possibly cash advances against the limit.

I got cash advance and cash back confused. Thank you for pointing that out. I never use cash advance. Taking a loan from a cc’s credit line is a bad idea. :wink:

I typically ask for $20 cash back when I check out with my debit card at Kroger. I like having cash for fast food purchases. I routinely did that 25 years ago at Kroger writing checks. I continued after switching to a debit card.

My regular cc doesn’t offer cash back at the store. The prompt never comes up on the screen.

I’m not sure what the Kroger cc will do. I suspect it will be like my other cc.

According to their web site, 1000 points can be redeemed for a $5 Kroger gift card. If my math is correct, this means that each point is worth half a cent. The web site gives no indication that points can be redeemed for anything else.

They just send me checks. Usually about six of them, in $40, $20 and $10 amounts. Every quarter. I use them like cash at the store.

Of course, I have this completely backwards! :smack:

One point outside the store, 2 points in store, 3 points Kroger brand.

I was drinkin’ and watchin’ football.