Have you added any Trivia / Goof entires to the IMDb?

Have you ever submitted a Trivia and / or Goofs entry to the IMDb which was accepted? I’m wondering how much the SDMB has enriched the IMDb. I’ve added a few entries over the years, which I’ll list below:

Boogie Nights: Trivia: When Buck Swope is selling stereos, he refers to one model as the TK-421. Which is, of course, the serial number of the stormtrooper who armor was stolen by Luke (or maybe Han) and who wasn’t at his post.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Trivia: The musicbox-sounding music that plays when Hatchet Harry shoots Gary with the antique shotgun is the music from the pocket watch in For a Few Dollars More - it’s the music that Del Indio played when he was drawing on someone - when the music stopped, you could draw. (He’d also play it when he smoked weed and flashed back to the scene where he shoots Col. Mortimer’s sister).

Dr. No - Goofs: There’s a scene where Bond’s phony driver picks him up from the airport in Jamaica and Bond beat him up. He reaches back to hit him with his right hand, then the camera changes and he hits him with his left hand.

Star Wars: I sumbitted at least five or six to the Goofs section but can’t remember which ones specifically - I knew about all of the ones listed (except Denis Lawson’s name being spelled wrong) and only added the ones I knew of that weren’t already there.
Any other Dopers wanna add theirs? Yes, I realize we could all be lying, but I’m willing to take everyone’s word for it. :slight_smile:

(I did not add my Sig, but it’s one of my all-time favorites).

I know I’ve added a few in there over the years, but the only one coming to mind is from the 1997 bag-o-crap Fools Rush In.

Someone had submitted a goof that there was no Nevada/Arizona border line pained on Hoover Dam. The liner notes for the DVD (thanks to my wife’s…ummm…questionable tastes, we own a large selection of crappy DVDs) mention that there was no border there, but that the filmmakers requested one be painted. The authorities complied, and then decided to keep it.
Interesting topic, btw.

I haven’t contributed to the “goofs” or “trivia” sections.

However, one day, being a fan of both “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Simpsons”, I was looking at Marcia Wallace’s page. I noticed that while she was listed as the voice of Edna Krabappel for the various Simpson’s video games, she was not listed for “The Simpsons” itself, either on her page, or on “The Simpsons” page.

I submitted a correction, and checked back a few days later. As it turns, out, Marcia Wallace is not an “official” member of the cast (in credits, she’s always listed as a Special Guest Voice). So her revised page contained a “Notable TV Guest Appearance” for every single time Edna Krabappel appeared on the Simpsons! I felt a wave of guilt for the lackey who had to use their arcane database system to enter all of those!

I notice now, though, that they have thought better of it, and simply listed “The Simpsons” among her regular credits. Probably bacause it then cross-references with the page for “The Simpsons” and the IMDB can stop getting all those pesky correction requests.

I’ve submitted several which have been accepted, ranging everyhere from classic films (North by Northwest and The Wizard of Oz) to obscure things no one else has apparently seen (The Wisdom of Crocodiles, I’m With Lucy). There are some I’ve submitted that I’ve lost track of since they haven’t shown up yet. My favorites are always the ones I spot and submit and then find that another website lists them as goofs (c.f. The Doom Buggy episode of “Shazam!”).

I visited Hoover Dam in 1995 and I could swear that I saw one there.


I haven’t added goofs but some of my input has been used to get goofs corrected or removed. I have added quotes, locations, and some trivia though. I was also instrumental in getting a movie deleted based on the fact that one of the credited castmembers says it doesn’t exist and probably never will.

I submitted a correction for something incorrectly listed as a Goof. In I, Claudius, they refer to “corn,” which the IMDB called a Goof because it did not exist in Rome at the time, but I pointed out that “corn” can mean any type of grain, especially outside of the U.S. They took it out of the goof section shortly after.

I.Q.: same goof removed, twice. Evidently, there are still people who think Marlon Brando didn’t do anything before The Godfather (Tim Robbins did an impression of him).
Stand by Me: goof changed. Café Society regs can probably figure out which one. :slight_smile:
The Shadow: quote added. “Somebody’s coming.”
The Hunter: locations added. Herscher, IL & Bonfield, IL.
Steven Spielberg: biographical trivia. “Was directing a childbirth scene when he received a call that Amy Irving was giving birth to their son Max.”

And the movie that was removed? Gilligan’s Island, after I heard Brian Dennehy (who had been credited as playing Skipper Jonas Grumby) in a radio interview. Having the host ask Mr. Dennehy about playing The Skipper was my idea. :slight_smile: Took two submissions for it to be taken off the IMDb, though.

Otto, I’d love to hear which ones specifically you added. Was your North By Northwest the one about the kid holding his ears during the gunshot?

Another one I just remembered that I added: in Coogan’s Bluff, there’s a scene where Clint is looking for a suspect in a psychedelic bar, and they show a shot on a TV screen of a cheesy giant Tanrantula from an old Black and White movie. That’s actually from the first movie that Clint ever had a role in - Tarantula.
(And I just now noticed the typo in the title. Ugh. If a Mod could correct that, I’d appreciate it).

I added a goof for Planes, Trains and Automobiles. They get a car in St. Louis to drive to Chicago, so they should be in Illinois the rest of the way, but they somehow get pulled over by the Wisconsin State Police. I figured this was maybe another Blues Brothers tribute; in that movie they have Illinois State Police following them into what must be Wisconsin, so maybe they put a Wisconsin cop in what must be Illinois. IMDB didn’t post my theory, just the goof.

I have a yen for movie/TV trivia and have added dozens of trivia items, too many to bother to list. Check listings for Doctor Who, MST3K, and the Monty Python and Star Trek movies/series (for starters) to see some of my handiwork. I’ve added a few Goofs and Quotes too here and there.

I’ve submitted a bunch, but I can only think of three off the top of my head:

Goof: The character Earl Bassett is listed in the credits as Earl Bass.

Tremors 3
Trivia: Uses footage from Tremors (1990) for some of the Graboids scenes.

Halloween H20
Goof: Laurie drops a knife after stabbing Michael, but a moment later a knife is still in his chest.

This was later marked as “Incorrectly regarded as goofs” which I still think is crap. Can someone back me up with this?

Could very well be. The movie was released in February of '97. Principal filming on a movie wraps long before it ever hits the theater, so it’s entirely possible that the scenes in question were shot in '95.

If it was there, you’d probably remember it. A big yellow line with NEVADA and ARIZONA splayed across the road would be hard to miss. :slight_smile:

No such luck. I added the relatively mundane one about Cary Grant removing his hands from Eva Marie Saint’s head twice while kissing her in her compartment. Her train compartment, pervs!

I tend to spot that sort of goof more than anything else. I almost never catch the historical inaccuracies or technology-related things, mostly because I don’t have the expertise. I do sometimes spot things like modular phone jacks on phones from before they existed (c.f. Catch Me If You Can where I also spotted my usual “hands jump on and off a glass” type goof). I must admit I do enjoy reading goofs that deal with hyper-technical subjects, like “So-and-so is using an XYZ gun that ejects cartridges to the left but ABC gun manufacturer only made 17 of those guns and they were all destroyed well before the date the character was supposed to be using it” because, my god, who knows this stuff?

On the goof removal side of things, I got one taken out for Blue Velvet. They had listed a goof dealing with a costume change or a beverage glass or something during Dorothy’s performance at the club but it was clear from the film that there was a passage of time which accounted for any such goofs.

Rabbit of Seville - Elmer’s shotgun alternates between being a single or a double-barrel throughout the cartoon.

I also added most of the trivia for the 1950s BBC Quatermass serials.

I’ve added more to the quotes than goofs. The IMDB can be sadly deficient in quotes prior to 1970 or so; I was astounded that I was the first one to mention “Carl LaFong” and “That’s something you’d need never worry about.”

I believe I added to the trivia for “His Gal Friday” – notably the Mock Turtle in-joke.

Finally, I pointed out that the Beatles were not the only people to do original music for “Magical Mystery Tour.” (The Bonzo Dog Band appears in the film performing their own "Death Cab for Cutie.) The IMDB refused to make the correction, though. They did add Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes to the cast list.

I’ve added more items to the IMDb than I can remember (I submitted 29,206 lines of data in 2003 alone). One that comes to mind is that I pointed out that Gone With the Wind does not picture the Burning of Atlanta, but a smaller event that happened two and a half months earlier, the Burning of the Atlanta Depot.

The Civil War wasn’t that insignificant. :smiley:

Cool. Could you repeat that for Highlander II?

I submitted a goof for Panic Room and it’s the first one listed (propane is heavier than air and would sink to the floor of the room).