Have you aquired any rockstar memorabilia?

I have but it’s stupid stuff.

One time I had the members of Faith No More sign a shirt of mine. I hung it on the wall for a little while.

At a Beastie Boys concert the drummer threw his drumsticks out into the crowd. I didn’t catch it but I went to the floor and found it. Instantly someone grabbed the other end and I played tug-of-war with this faceless hand for “what seemed like forever” :rolleyes: All the while people were pulling at my shirt while I scrambled on the ground. I yanked the stick free and weaved my way through a sea of legs until I thought I was clear. I looked at my shirt and noticed it had been torn halfway down the back.

I was elated. I had gotten something that everyone else in the audience would have loved to have that night. It was like catching one of two homeruns in the world series. I shoved it down my pants, up my butt, and ran for the door.

A workmate of mine has one of Elvis’ jackets and a shirt he wore in a movie. She won them in a newspaper competition.

Dude, if that’s not your new sig line, I don’t know what is.

I went to a Dick Dale concert last year, and I knew from past experience that he gave away lots of guitar picks during his shows. Mostly to pretty girls.

So I brought a pretty girl with me, had her dress in a REALLY short skirt, and informed her that her job was to get me a guitar pick.

Sure enough, she went and danced right in front of him. And sure enough, he gave her a pick which I later had him sign. It’s got a big groove in it from his fierce picking style, and I think it’s pretty cool.

Junior Brown also signed a shirt for me once. I’m not a buig autograph collector though, so I hope to pawn it off to a big Junior Brown fan one day.

I have guitar picks and lamminates from every show Nirvana played in Chicago.

My mother gave me her collection of Beatles stuff…pins,magazines,all the US released LP’s etc.

I got an Water bottle from the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins and gave it to a friend, when I was grabbing it I didnt realise it was pouring all over the girl next to me. (they opened up for some other band and after some time of the crowd booing them off the stage they kept telling everyone to fuck off)

Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction threw a hat thing, very weird piece of fabric that if folded and turned inside out would make a hat, and I got that and gave it to a friend.

Got Tiny Tims autograph

T-Shirt Les Paul autographed for me. Great man.

Album “Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton” autographed by John Mayall. Dream of getting Eric Clapton and John McVie to one day also autograph it.

Won a radio contest and Crowded House came to my house. Still have a signed T-Shirt and Album (remember albums?)

Signed CD from Mike Rabon of The Five Americans. (Many of you are aware he is one of the better posters here)

T-Shirt Stu Hamm and band autographed.

Autograph from the Godfathers

T-Shirt tossed to the crowd by the Electric Love Hogs. We in the pit fought so intensely for it, that I was sure I’d only get some shred of it at best, but miraculously it stayed intact (but extremely stretched).

Guitar Pick from Michael Anthony (whom I have no particular admiration for; a pick from Eddie I’d treasure, but Michael ain’t exactly amazing. In fact, I wasn’t even at the concert; a stagehand friend gave it to me.)

Bunch of other autographs that I can’t think of right now.

Met a bunch of folks that in hindsight I wish I would’ve gotten an autograph or some other physical momento. Such as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Stanley Jordan, Primus, TSOL, Firehose, Living Color, others

Not unless you consider Eerie Ln. rock stars, in which case I have a personal response to fan mail, a bunch of art drawn by a band member, etc.

I have the set list from the LUNA show that I went to in Atlanta.

I once had bill stevensons (descendents/all/black flag) autograph on a shirt but it got washed and I no longer have it.

I have Phil Lesh’s original liver in a jar in the closet.

Aside from sleeping with a few rockstars I have some tangible memorabilia. A few pornographic pictures and things I’ve stolen from tour buses. :slight_smile:

I met Bret Michaels and CC DeVille’s at a hamburger joint and got their autographs on a take-out bag. I also have guitar picks from AC/DC, Van Halen, Dokken, and a bunch from various Country artists… Alan Jackson, Clay Walker, and Sawyer Brown. I met a bunch of Country singers before they got famous (or semi-famous, some were one-hit-wonders) such as Brian White, Boy Howdy, Hank Flamingo and Pearl River.

I also had lunch with the guitarist and drummer of Dokken but I didn’t know who they were until halfway through lunch. I went to get pizza for lunch and they asked me to sit with them so I did. It wasn’t until a couple of guys came up and asked for their autographs that I figured out who they were. I got tickets and backstage passes that night. That was pretty cool I guess.

Seriously? If so, who?

All I have is some autographs–Sarah McLachlan and Tanya Donnelly, specifically. Sarah’s I got while doing a college radio interview with her, and Tanya’s I got after a show.

I went to see the Ventures play in the Amherst area back in the early 80’s. I brought my “Ventures in Space” album and the band members signed their names next to their pictures on the back cover. Still got it over here in Spain, though the locals don’t seem to think it’s as cool as I do.

I got the play list and lyrics Marianne Faithfull used at her 1990 Paradise show.

I got Dave Thomas’ (lead singer of Pere Ubu) sweaty towel at a great Paradise show they did around 1991. I was still using it until this year when my wife finally convinced me it was tattered and smelly enough to trash.

A year latter, also at the Paradise a friend of mine snagged another Dave Thomas sweaty towel.

Jonathan Richman signed my cast at a Nightstage (Cambridge) show in the 1991.

[sub]Pssssssst…pez, it was actually me. I ran into her in a beer joint and told her I was Eddie Cochran. Gave her a coaster off the bar and told 'er it was my guitar pick.

Next week I ran into her again and said I was Little Richard. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s magic.

I only heard about 30 seconds of a Dick Dale song but he sounds like the godfather of modern death metal / thrash. I have to get some of his albums.

I have a sheet of paper with the autographs of the members of Six Feet Under.


I don’t have any rock memorabilia.

The James Taylor Quartet have my kettle.

There was a great Rock & Roll documentary on PBS a couple of years ago, and they did a segment on Dick Dale. They said that the style he pioneered “echoes through all the way to today’s heavy metal”.

He’s really something in a live show. I believe he’s over 60, and he still rocks. Definitely go see him.

And bring a pretty girl to get you a guitar pick!

Chris LeDoux (not rock, but country) and Steve Poltz (of the rugburns) both signed my guitar (silver pen on black guitar, looks sweet). I have a TON of picks, can’t even remember em all, and signed cd’s (mostly by country acts) but that guitar just rocks.