Personalized Musician Autograph

No OP I see.

I’m a musician. (I own a musical instrument, and I played in high school - does that make a musician?) I can give you a personalised autograph. Does that count?

Sorry punk, but you have a long way to go before you can usurp wall space from my autographed Tori Amos pic!

Hey a personalised autograph from a wannabe musician (who can’t really play) it’s not every day you get one of those.

mainly because you don’t ask, but let’s not spoil a good idea with logic

On my wall is a personalized pic of Joan Jett in a chain mail bikini.

Tori shares some space on my walls too!! Tori and I go way back :smiley:

Not that that has anything to do with the OP, but I’m a musician and If you’d like my autograph I’d be happy to send one your way :smiley:

I got a letter from Sully (lead singer - Godsmack) just after Ozzfest '99.

Ummm… The guys of Concussion (okay, they aren’t HUGE yet) used to be my neighbors and I’m getting a tip o’ the hat in their CD liner notes. I think that’s cool.

I have an autographed concert ticket that says:

To Cindi, the most beautiful girl in a gold t shirt at the whole damn concert. I live only for the day when you return my affections and say you will have my babies. Please don’t make me wait too long. Love always, Matthew Sweet.August-2000

At least that what I say it says. It is really just an illegible scribble but I can read it. Oh yes I can.