Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

I was once. I was probably 23 years old and was downtown Worcester at a bar called Sh-Booms with 5 (or so) friends. I had on a white shirt that said “Freak” across the front (this will come up later). Let it be known that I probably had 3 or 4 beers before getting to this fine (sarcastic) establishment around 11PM. My friends go off into the bar next store–called Poly Estas–which is connected to Sh-Booms. I start walking to the bar when a bouncer comes up to me and says, “You’ve got to leave.” I wasn’t I heard right, “What’s that?” “You’re outta here.” “For what?” “Look at you, you’re way too drunk.” “But I’ve…” He grabs me and starts escorting me out.

Because my friends (and my ride) were inside, I asked the bouncer to at least get my friends and tell them I was kicked out. “No.”


There was a cop standing there too, and I asked him if he thought I was intoxicated. He stated that no, I didn’t seem so. I asked if he could tell that to the bouncer. “It won’t do you any good, I can’t make him let you in the bar.” Super.

So I end up waiting outside for over 2 hours and I finally see that the bar is closing. People are filing out, and guess what I see? Some drunk ass punk with the same “Freak” shirt. I went up to him (he was pretty cool actually, but very, very shitfaced) and asked him to walk over to the bouncer with me. The bouncer’s reaction to me when we got there, “I saw YOU showing signs of severe intoxication, so I kicked YOU out.” Meanwhile, the other “Freak” is screaming “wooooooooo!” loudly and at nothing in particular.

I never went back to Sh-Booms.

Well, yeah - who hasn’t?

Not that I can remember.

Lots of them, for basically every reason you can be thrown out of one.

No, but I do know the Ron White story backwards and forwards.

I threw myself out after trying to go drink for drink with a hard-drinking pal and then passing out at the table. I stumbled into the street and upchucked.

Later he told me that there was a cop car right there, with cops in it. :eek:
So, in short, no.

Since I’m currently participating in another bar thread in this forum, yeah. Three times. Twice for nothing I had anything to do with, merely dickish management: once I sent a bad pint back and the landlord took exception; another time, one of my companions had a motorcycle helmet under the table and there was a sign on the door that said “no bikers” - which meant Hell’s Angels - my buddy was on a moped and we’d been there for two hours and each eaten a meal there.

The last time, though, I brought it on myself. I was barred for losing my temper and using inappropriate language towards a woman, even though (initially) I was an innocent party, and sober at that. I was accused by a very drunk girl of stealing her drink, and despite placating her in every conceivable way, even offering to buy her a new drink though I had nothing to do with its disappearance, she harangued me for about half an hour, until I lost my rag and insulted her. The insult got me kicked - literally - into the street by the barman. It was very embarrassing as it was broad daylight and I was with seven or eight other people, who felt duty bound to leave with me. I’m not proud.

Once. I was wasted when I got there and people bought me drinks for a fe whours. I can’t remember if we were leaving anyway and just got booted out of the entrance, or if we were specifically kicked out because I adressed the tranny doorperson as ‘Sir’…

According to stories I’ve heard, yeah, it’s happened a time or three back in my 20’s.

Not exactly. “I think it’s time for you and your buddies to go” is about as bad as it got.

I got kicked out of a Denny’s after leaving a bar - passed out in a booth and probably snored a bit too loud.

Sure, many times. I have even been “banned for life” from a bar. I should go test that one again sometime…

See **August West’s ** answer. Sheeeet, if you haven’t been kicked out of a bar or three in your life, you ain’t been tryin’! Although I doubt Mad River Rose is still in existance, so that makes my “Lifetime Ban” a moot point. :smiley:

Yes. I was dragged out kicking with the pool cue around the chest method while throwing a pitcher of beer. At my boss.
God that was a great Christmas party.

Let’s see if I can remember them all…

21st birthday: Sir, you’ve had 6 shots in the last half hour. I’m not serving you anymore. So I went outside and puked on the sidewalk.

College graduation: Bartender was (is) a good buddy of mine. Walked in, and told him “Dude, I’m going to get really drunk tonight, but I’m not going to cause any problems.” I vaguely remember him telling me, “Remember what you told me when you got here?” “Umm, no?”

Red dress hash: Excuse me, sir, you’re going to have to put your dress back on.

Wedding a couple of weeks ago: My buddy and I asked for a couple shots at last call. The bartender asked if we were driving. We weren’t, but she decided to not only not serve us, but to ignore us as well. I walked to the other end of the bar, called her an inappropriate name, and asked for our tab. The patrons were not impressed.

Ehh, that’s just off the top of my head. I worked as a bartender/bouncer in college for a bit, so kicked out my share of patrons, as well.

I got kicked out of a bar where I was a regular for drinking underage.

It was a strip club when I was about twenty five. My pal was hitting on one of the strippers when her boyfriend took offense and chaos ensued. I told the bouncer I wasn’t leaving until I finished my pitcher. I wish I hadn’t. When they threw my buddy out the strippers boyfriend went after him and by the time I got there the boyfriend was on the ground bleeding from a nasty knife wound to the side. It took me half an hour to find my pal. He was running down the street in a neighbor hood by the bar yelling and crying thinking he’d killed the guy. I haven’t thought of it in long time. Thanks for the memories.

Afterthought: Defiantly cocktails tonight.

Oh, yeah, rack up a couple more to my count.

Only if it counts that a guy I was with was asked to leave and I went with him.

I used to be a heavy drinker, but I am not at all a rowdy drunk.

I (along with the group of about six people I was with) was once asked to leave a bar after the manager of an upscale yuppie bar went berserk and attacked a woman who was in my party.

That sir, is an awesome typo.