Have you ever experienced oral ejaculation?

My dentist knows to stand clear at the beginning of a session.

Also, when something terribly yummy is served or discussed I’ve been known to utter the magic phrase, “Oh! I just came a little bit in my mouth.” I’m a riot at Thanksgiving.

Another here who can do it on command – and really far, actually. And like the others, did so in mischievous fashion during middle school years (Dodger games were ideal; church was where I learned to control it:eek:). Can’t do it as well as before, but then, that was 35 years ago (and I’m out of practice).

And when someone starts the thread about blowing bubbles off the end of one’s tongue…:wink:


Though just the thought of a nice dill pickle or kimchee will flood my mouth, yum.

In 19th century prose, this just meant stating something forcefully.

“Stop this nonsense at once!” ejaculated Lord Melbury.

Still, makes Dickens more fun to read.

I can’t do it on command, but I’ve done it many times.

It’s only happened to me a few times in my life and only unintentionally.

I can’t gleek on command, but it does happen randomly on its own. I hate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t do it on command but I love the feeling when it happens randomly.

When it happens randomly it usually means I have to get a Kleenex and carefully wipe spit out from between the keys on my keyboard. Gross. Not much to love there.